Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts

You know about the winter blues? I think I had a mix of those combined with my feelings of disappointent and physical pain last week. It has been overcast, misty and overall dreary for almost a week. I miss the sun. I think this weather makes it easier to be less energetic, positive and bright...am I crazy? I have now dusted myself off for a few days and have done my best to learn and move on. 

Getting back on track with my food has already made a huge difference in my mood and energy levels. Stepped on the scale this morning and I am back to where I was last Friday even though TOM arrived. Yesterday, there were even more cookies in the office. Some decided to bring their baked leftovers to share. I can honestly say, I was not tempted anymore. Would it be irrational to say that I just felt a little angry? because I sort of was. Stupid cookies haha 

 I am trying to come up with some sort of writing challenge for January. Something about challenging myself to write is soothing, motivating and cleansing. Not sure why I need to call it anything but isn't it just more fun that way? In other news, here is my LUNCHBOX OF THE DAY: 

 Tomatoes, carrots, radishes and chopped cilantro. A hard boiled egg and some lemon juice for dressing. How's your Tuesday going?


  1. About an A-Z topic thing? A 1/1, B 1/2, etc. Just a thought.

    I am the same way about my need for sun. Thank God I live in Orange County, California. I don't need heat, but I need sunshine. Pure and simple.

    So glad your weight is down!

    I agree...I look at the big ole tin of butter cookies in the kitchen, the butterscotch candy, and I think "I can't wait for this shit to disappear." I have no desire. I'm just sick of seeing this shit. LOL

  2. It's amazing how much sunshine affects our moods ... I have started taking a vitamin D supplement ... hope it works... because the winter blues are not pretty! Gets down right ugly at our house when the fog doesn't lift for a few days.

  3. Impressive lunch box! Yeah, on the weight. Anything important in life has ups and downs...I'm glad you're feeling more positive!

  4. Seasonal depression is a real thing I suffer from it at times. You'll bounce back just take one day at a time.


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