Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blogmas Day 20: Shivery Saturday & The Naughty Cheesecake

I am so glad the colder air is back! For a bit there last week. the 60's were creeping back up and I was not a happy camper. Now I know what yall are thinking, cold weather sucks! but when you were born and raised in a country where it's 85-95 year round with 1000% humidity. You really appreciate cold crisp air haha

This morning I tackled some house chores before heading out. We were dreading crazy drivers and bad weekend before Christmas trafic and were shocked that it wasn't too terrible. Of course, they had half the police department fooling with the lights, but for once they were not making things worse ;) I had some last few things to get at Costco for gifts and a sally world run. Can you believe most if not all registers were open at Walmart? I was shocked!

We got everything finished quicker than anticipated and headed back home. There was a fort of packages at the door' I was glad the last little things ( my dogs and family dog's Christmas gifts) and some other things had arrived. One of the packages was a cheesecake sampler I ordered a few days ago during a flash sale on the Honeybaked ham website. I got an email about their flash sale and had a gift card to finish up. So, I figured this was a great way to not spend money on a dessert I was asked to bring to a Christmas Eve get together. The deal plus the gift card made it free shipped to my door yay! It was the perfect solution, since I had been struggling to decide if I even wanted to make something or if I would just buy, 

I got the box opened and was looking for storing instructions. I bought it without checking the nutrition data because I have no plans on eating any of it at the party. But when I was finding a spot for it in the freezer I couldn't help but look at the label. Lord have mercy!!!!
 Because it's a sampler the different spaces "costs" different prices. Each slice  ranges from 510-610 calories. They contain between 35-50 grams of sugar,36-48grs of fat and 50-65 grs of carbs. To think normally I would have eaten at least one slice after stuffing myself with everything else offered, blows my mind. I probably blew through at least a couple day's worth of calories during a 2-3 hour get together. But not this year.

As I put that thing in my freezer, I thought about something I have been reading about in different blogs,articles and even a few books. Staying away from not only sugar but processed "food" is necessary not only for weight loss but also for your overall health. I looked in my fridge and it was reassuring to see my real and good for me foods. That cheesecake holds absolutely no power over me because I refuse to give my body all that sugar that completely messes it up. In fact, I choose to look at the pretty colors of my real food instead. Until next time!



  1. Great job, Alati. And it IS beautiful!

  2. Good job for planning to resist the dessert AND for looking at the nutritional values, knowing will help keep you away!!!

    1. Can't claim ignorance when you've looked! Thanks for reading

  3. I like the colors of the second picture better ... Seriously ... its amazing that visually it is more appealing ... wow what a shift for me too! Glad someone is done with their shopping ... gift making


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