Monday, December 22, 2014

Blogmas Day 22: Monday Madness

 I feel like I've had a week's worth of everything and it's only Monday. My day started at 5am and I'm just now getting home a bit before 9 pm. A pretty good day, just busy busy busy. I survived the pizza party without any problems but didn't predict I'd get a huge container if homemade cookies from a coworker. 

This coworker is the best cook, everything she makes is delicious. As I put in a strawberry cake cookie in my mouth and took a bite, I realized what I was doing. I spit it right onto a napkin and threw it away, It wasn't that the one cookie would kill me or calorie budget for the day, is the fact that eating would probably send me down a road I have no desire to go on. I put them up and will have to share I.e regift them to someone who isn't worried about sugar. That was definitely not my best moment but it could have been worse. I give myself an F for putting it into my mouth, but an A for spitting it out lol all in all,  I  made it through.

More packages came to the door today. The best one was my copy of The End of Overeating Book. I am excited to read and learn from it. Still waiting on a couple more. Tomorrow I will have a very busy day with its share of critical issues to handle. My LUNCHBOX OF THE NEXT DAY is not a salad but quick stuff I can eat as I walk or multitask ( I know that's not ideal but hey you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes).

Nuts, cheese and tomatoes. Simple and enough to give me energy to go go go. Hope you are having a great beginning of the week. Until next time!


  1. Good Job!!! I give you a D+ for putting it in your mouth ... an F is just too harsh ... but an A+ for not swallowing LOL OMG


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