Saturday, November 21, 2015

Just Cannot Catch a Break

I have tried several times in the past month to post again. It just seems that every new post comes with a slew of bad news from me. After losing my pup, I thought we were in the clear but I was wrong.  With a sudden change in my work role and schedule, I had been running on fumes and after a couple of weeks of that my second mom fell ill. Emotionally, I am eerily at peace although the void in our hearts is huge. I think this peace comes from knowing where she is now and also from witnessing how her health got worse as the days went by. You hated to see how things went from being perfectly fine, to her but being well at all. She was a 73 year old lady who was healthy, working out 3-4 times a week and eating well. However, emergency surgery and the complications of the recovery thereafter were too much for her body. After three weeks of her fighting for her life and us almost living at the hospital taking care of her, we had to make the hard decision to let her go. It was all so sudden and unfortunate. However,  I know and find comfort in knowing that she is in a much better place now.

The last few weeks have brought so much stress, chaos and worry to my already frazzled existence. I had been rocking my new schedule and work role but it was because I had been killing myself trying to make everything go smoothly. Being a perfectionist means that I have to learn and work hard to be ok to delegate and tolerate mistakes, which does not always come easily. Dealing with people is not always easy but my way to lead is to be willing to do and doing anything that I would expect from others. It worked, and think I was able to do an exceptional job. All the big wigs seemed to agree as well ;) .However, being less active and more confined to a desk was not something I enjoyed. Even when I started eating better again, the lack of activity meant that although I stopped gaining, I also stopped losing. I have every excuse ( justified and not) on why I didn't compensate for my sedentary workday with a workout once I got home, but I will spare you all of them.

Now that we have hopefully gotten through all of this, I really am wishing for a few peaceful months at least. I think I will have to send Santa a letter asking for it. I just feel like I need to catch a break...PLEASE! On the bright side, my mom mom is currently visiting from back home. She flew in for the funeral and will get a chance to spend Thanksgiving with us. Looking forward to that although I haven't even begun to think about the food! I read the post onThanksgiving Potluck and I kept nodding and hollering AMEN!. We are also having a huge one at work on TUESDAY! Desserts and Casseroles galore only 2 days before Thanksgiving!! I am glad I have an easy out since it is technically my Saturday;) I understand the concept of sharing with coworkers but sometimes it is a bit too much!

I hope all is well with everyone. I am trying hard to get myself back together and get back on this important journey. I hope you all are also taking good care of yourselves! Until next time!