Monday, October 26, 2015

Old habits die hard

It has been almost a month since my last post!!
 Life has been crazy since then . Between trying to handle the grief of my loss ( which I am still not over) and having my work role/schedule completely flipped suddenly, I have been barely hanging on to my sanity!

 As the stress and pressure of suddenly coordinating an area that continues to grow in demand but not in resources, dealing with people conflicts and trying to maintain my professionalism and even temper through it all, I find myself going back to old habits. Stress eating? check. Poor meal planning? check. Bad choices? check. The only thing I can claim as a success is that I have continued to remain binge free.

But binge free does not equal smart food choices. I have been picking up food on the way home because after a stressful long day and an hour or so commute, I do not feel like cooking. It isn't always fast food per se, but anything at a restaurant will NEVER EVER be as clean and well controlled as something you have made back home.

My weekends used to be Tuesday and Wednesday. I would use at least one of those days to cook and prep enough food for a full week. Somehow Saturday and Sunday never work out that way for me. I realize is because normal people are off on weekends so there's always a function, a game or any sort of even going on that takes up my time. By the time Sunday rolls around, I have mounds of laundry and housework to complete that I chose not to use my time in a different way. Regardless, excuses excuses excuses.

During the day, I am still eating plenty of raw veggies and semi eating healthy. But come dinner time, is where I know my calories get out of whack. I have gained 4 pounds! I can feel it in the way my new clothes fit too, Everything fits fine, but they were starting to get loose before. Carbs have again becomes a daily occurrence rather than an occasional indulgence. I know I HAVE to stop this NOW!

So today I am making a renewed effort to get back on track and continue working on killing these old habits for good!Until next time!