Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blogmas Day 11: Just a quick one

It's early evening but I feel ready to relax and settle for the day. I was in the zone all day getting everything off my to do list. This included a complete deep cleaning of the house, pulling out the rest of the giveaway pile stuff to the garage, organizing out in the shed, doing a truckload of laundry and rearranging my closet.

Although I love not being in an apartment anymore ( dear studio apt in Chicago, I don't miss you at all!) when it comes to cleaning and organizing, I miss how quick it went with a smaller space but then once I get everything spic and span, I can enjoy walking around and stop fussing about it. 

It had been a while since I did any sort of deep cleaning. I'm talking scrubbing the kitchen stone, cleaning baseboards, ceiling fans, swiffering walls, bringing in the floor scrubber and carpet cleaner. Last time I did this was right around Spring. I did it over the course of two  or three days ( because I would tire so quickly and had to keep taking breaks) and I had a backache for days after . Today, I was able to do it all , with no breaks, without aches and pains. I am good tired but I still went out to the driveway to shoot some basketball and walk outside before dinner. It is amazing what losing some weight and reframing your mind can do to your energy level.

When it came to my closet, I was so excited to notice how different my clothes fit. Yes, they could look better and my body has long ways to go but as I looked in the mirror I was proud. That's an amazing feeling, to look in the mirror and although you recognize there's so much work to do,you don't focus on that but allow yourself to feel positive about where you are. That's a feeling I haven't felt in a long long time. It is nice that I don't feel like I need to buy anything as stuff that was ill fitting or didn't fit at all is fine now, even a bit loose!

Food wise, today was a good day. Breakfast was a grapefruit and some nuts. Lunch was some beef strips with veggies and dinner was some meatballs and tomato sauce over spinach. I am trying spinach again for this one meal, keep your fingers crossed for no hives! All in all a good day for me. How is your week going ?


  1. Aww Alati, so happy for you! Such GREAT Non-Scale Victories! :)

  2. Hives???? and you tried it again ... you are really motivated! No way would I go 2 feet close to something that causes hives ... no way ... Don't you just love putting on something old and if feels new again? Love that that!!!


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