Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Blogmas Day 23: I'm so over the free food

I know that title is terrible. It makes me sound horrible but it is honestly how I feel. It is so hard to continue to try to make good choices when it's just an endless food pushing and gifting time. It is the first time in my life that this is an issue, I have always welcomed it all because I was eating it all.

 I know everyone is being kind but it makes my already hard journey even harder. Maybe if I was further along my path, saying no and not being stressed by it would come much easier. For now, it doesn't come easy at all. But I am pushing through. I have my copy of The End of overeating right at my desk and go back to read it to diffuse my food thoughts.

I am working tomorrow and will be off Thursday. There's a department brunch to get through and then I shall be free of work food haha at least until Monday. I came home with 3 dozen cookies homemade and a huge tin of pure butter shortbread cookies. With all these cookies (that will soon find their forever home) it hit me that I would have rater welcomed another darn mug to my collection!

My LUNCHBOX OF THE NEXT DAY is a repeat from today. 
We are having Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow so I might just have a protein shake for breakfast and wait for dinner. But If brunch gets hard to navigate I can always go to my cheese and nuts. I will see how it goes. Until next time!

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  1. I'm being brought in a bacon and cheese breakfast burrito with no beans, rice, or potatoes in it for brekkie tomorrow. Can't wait to surgically dissect it from its tortilla. :) Then we are having a nice tri tip for dinner, before a late mass. :)

    I'm with you, sistah. I feel like posting a big rant on it. Or just a post somewhere about how I know people mean well, but consider me allergic to sugar. Or consider that I've been previously diagnosed-I HAVE-as pre diabetes. I have beat that, but I just can't eat sugar. I'd rather no gift at all than a sugar gift. PRETTY PLEASE WITH NO SUGAR ON TOP.

    I know they mean well, but talk about (slowly) killing with kindness! Give me a $5 Starbucks gift card. Or an IOU to lunch. Or a pretty box of thank you cards. (you can still buy those, right?) Or a jar of cashews. (if it must be food.) Or a $5 iTunes gift card. ALLL nice, cheap, not sugar gifts. But it's not my friends or family that do it (they know better)...it's vendors, and a few co-workers. Yeesh. Seriously. If a few of us don't step up to the plate and point out things, it will just continue every year, to infinity and beyond. Or until THEY keel over from a diabetic coma themselves... :o


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