Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blogmas Day 17: Starting a conversation

Gwen must be a mindreader ;) As I read her comment on Yesterday's post it tickled me that it was exactly about what I was going to write about tonight. She wrote, "I think though, at some point, you are going to have to let a few know that 'I don't eat like that anymore. I am only eating meats and veggies now." (or something along that lines.) They'll still bring whatever they want to, but you start to set your food boundaries around them in a non-threatening way". That point, actually came today.

We have a fairly large lounge area/conference room we share for our Department. No one has a set lunch time, we pretty much stick to grab lunch when you get a chance because odds are if you don't youll never get to. Therefore it seems that any time you come in, you see someone there or smell something heating up. We are a pretty good blend of personalities which can lead to some good conversations when things are not crazy. Therefore, the room is the spot to be around lunchtime. I try to stay away from eating in front of the screen because it leads me to mindless eating and/or not feeling like I ate at all ( mental, I know!). 

So when I was ready to eat I grabbed my lunch and headed over there. We are downtown and the new things has been food trucks. There are a few that show up different days, right outside the building for everyone's convenience. I had them last time I worked here. They have some delicious stuff. Healthy? I am not so sure. As soon as I walked in, someone was offering to share or asking me to try what all they had. I politely declined and shook my lunchbag. I figured I would have an easy out again, if I stuck to pointing to my bag.

However, as I started eating and the conversation turned to my salad. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to  let them know that my eating self now is very different from what they remember. That I have been working very hard to change my bad habits and food triggers. Before I knew it, I was talking to them ( in my not expert at all way) about what I have learned about primal and paleo ( in general, not because I am either one of them) and overall healthy eating. The reactions were mixed. Some thought it was great for me but would never work for them ( that's perfectly alright!), one shared their story about their fail at whole30, a couple started talking about how they are joining the gym after the holidays, some said they just like crappy food and hate salad. I do not think many could truly relate but that is not important at all. What is important is that they know this is how I will be from now on. Does that mean I won't be offered any of my no nos? NO! it just means that I will have an easier time saying No, Thanks!

I stepped on the scale and I am down 1 pound since Friday. That is fine with me, but hopefully by Friday I will have lost a bit more. I leave you with my LUNCHBOX OF THE NEXT DAY!

I am doing another salad with spinach, radish, carrots and tomatoes. There little dressing container has a bit of EVOO and lots of lime juice. On the top container I have a few blueberries and some pineapple. For protein I have some tuna to mix into my salad. Note to self: Make sure your extra toothbrush is in your bag ;)

BTW, I love these Rubbermaid Lunch Block things I am using. The salad one does an amazing job at keeping everything crisp, fresh and cold! Until next time!!


  1. thats great, Alati! Yes, they'll still push food at you. At least for a while. After a while, they won't care. (not in a bad way, just what you eat won't affect them.)

    I work in a corporate headquarters office, so our lunch room can sit a large number of people, and it's always active and smells good at lunch, too. I get it. ;)

    1. Yes, they have to get used to it, is it Friday yet? ;)

  2. Good for you ! And yes Gwen is right they will still push food at you ... but now it will be easier to just say nope... not on my plan.

    1. I think so Feet! It's more a matter of feeling like I have said so now I won't feel "bad" or as bad saying no,


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