Friday, December 5, 2014

Blogmas Day 5: Laid Back Santa

      Laid back Santa has arrived. This is what we call our unconventional Santa. He sits on the mantle every year. Instead of wearing the traditional red suit, he has some tweed pants, flannel shirt, burgundy socks and suede lace on shoes. Although the first year I was not sure how I felt about a no red suit Santa , I have grown to love him. He is just so chill! He is accompanied on the mantle by the elf and his sled and a snowman (not pictured).

     As I placed him on his spot, I got to thinking that this year my Santa will not be the only "unconventional" thing. Maybe unconventional is not the right term but it fits how I feel. This year I want Christmas to be so much more than just a bunch of days blurred together with tons of food and shopping involved. In a similar way as I wanted Thanksgiving to be different for me this year ( and it was) I want the same for Christmas. I want to enjoy quality time with friends and loved ones without stuffing myself full of the usual Christmas time treats.

     When I moved to the South, I was introduced to cheese balls, sausage balls, sugar cookies, fruit cake cookies and sweets galore. There is nothing wrong with these things, if you can control yourself. But in my case, I chose to not have control. So all through December I'd indulge and indulge and indulge in all these treats finding myself having trouble buttoning my pants by January 1st. So just like my different Santa, I have to different this year.

     I cannot say that I will not make a bad choice ever or that I am perfect in my journey, who can really? But I can commit to myself to have an "unconventional" Christmas when compared to the previous years. So just like my laid back Santa, I plan to be chill this Christmas and collect moments and memories rather than calories and things.
 As far as gifting goes, I think I have finally figured out what's going on my Christmas list. If any of Y'all know about any good deals or where I could find one please let me know! ;) have a great weekend!



  1. LOL ... find one what? Love the Santa ... would love to see a close up picture of him for the details ...

  2. A self cleaning house! I'll work on getting you a closeup :)

    1. Laughing my but off ... its called a hotel!!!


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