Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blogmas Day 18: Where's the caffeine?

Since this week my whole routine has been completely different I gave myself one more challenge...because I like adding more new to the new lol aside from everything, I have truly cut down to one diet soda a day and one cup of coffee. I have tried on and off to get myself off diet drinks, I know why it's important but it's just a habit. I would drink one to keep myself from eating. But the truth is, is I am trying to eat real food why would I choose to put all those chemicals in my drink?

So far, I've done good. I miss my coffee more, I think. Not entirely sure. I just got to keep trudging along. I have ordered a couple of books Im interested in. I would have never thought I would buy fitness/self help books lol I can't wait for them to arrive. The week and the change of  pace this week, is catching up with me. I am tired tonight and feel the beginning of a headache. I know it's because my sleep has been off as well. I will call this an early night so that I can be fresh in the morning ( as frsh as I can be at least!).

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me. So I'm thinking no salad but rather things I can eat quickly at my desk or on my way real quick. The lunchbox of the next day looks as follows:


I have a Baggie of alati's famous nut mix lol ( pumpkin seeds,cashews,Almonds,dry cranberries), radish and half a carrot, cheese stick and some cherub tomatoes.  That little container with the radish has come and gone all week. I never get to it because I feel full enough but it's good to know I have in case I get the munchies. Happy Friday Eve!

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  1. your headache is probably from lack of caffeine ... does it to me every time ... I have not had a soda in 6 months ... but I do have a POT of coffee with all the chemicals every day ... my one vise that I am just not ready to give up! you are doing great! See ya at the weekly weigh in


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