Saturday, December 13, 2014

Blogmas Day 13: Big and Small Victories

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday. It is madness out there. Traffic is crazy and everyone and their brother seemed to be everywhere we had to run into today. Aside from errands. I had to do some Christmas Shopping to pack up a care package to send back home. While there I was prompted to look at some clothes because they had some really nice brand pieces for great prices.

 Ever since my weight kept progressively getting worse, clothes shopping is something I have dreaded and avoided. It's no fun looking at yourself inside the tiny changing room and finding that the big size isn't big enough anymore. I had been wearing a 3x and being so short, you can imagine what a feat it has been to find something that fits right. Today, I was able to get into the 1x comfortably, everything looked fine I was in shock!! I got the nicest Cynthia Rowley sweater for a steal! That was a Big victory. It motivates me even more to continue working hard. I can't wait for the day I can just shop in the regular sizes.

Our last stop was Sam's Club for some milk, fruit and produce. I have always loved Sam's because of their prices and their samples. I will admit that I used to try everything and anything. "Getting my money's with you know" again I have to say, Bless my heart! Today I walked past three different cake/pie samples and several other stuff without missing a beat. I couldn't help but chuckle inside at the people lined up waiting for a chunk of red velvet cake. That is another small victory in my book!

Looking at my cart I was happy with the changes. We had spinach, bananas, tangerines, eggs,tomatoes. Carrots, milks and hummus. That's such an improvement from frozen pizza, frozen chicken sandwiches, frozen ravioli and assorted potato chips. Even my BFF has lost some weight and can now wear the corduroys that didn't fit early fall. Write that down as another small and big victory as well!

I think that this past week has been one of my best in a long time and in all areas of life. I am so thankful and happy about how things are going everywhere, it's almost like I'm waiting for something to go wrong. I need to get better at expecting the worse! Keeping a positive mind and attitude is a must for a healthy body and soul. 




  1. Congrats on the size 1X. You are doing great, and I LOVE NSV's! :)

  2. Congrats on the new Sweater ... 1X ... Wasn't that exciting? When my daughter took me shopping ... I was reaching for the 2 & 3 X's and she was grabbing them out of my hands and replacing with the 1X ... I felt so stupid taking an arm load of clothes in to the dressing room knowing they wouldn't fit ... and shit when they did fit ... I think I tried on hundreds of blouses just because they fit!


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