Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blogmas Day 14: Just a tad anxious

The end of the weekend is here. Doesn't it always go too fast?  I am just a bit anxious although not in completely bad away about starting my old new job tomorrow. It is good to know both the ropes and the team already, but there's is also a bit of anxiety about coming back under a slightly different role. I am good at rationalizing why I shouldn't be anxious at all but tell that to the butterflies in my tummy lol

Today was a busy day, getting most leftover things off my to do list. Food wise, I was on point with 200 calories to spare. I was almost tempted to eat something else after dinner since I had them available but I stopped myself when I realized I wasn't hungry, I was only trying to use up my calories. How crazy is that? I Wasn't hungry or anything I just had calories to spare.

Activity wise it wasn't bad. Got my car washed and thoroughly vacuumed. We must have sucked up about 20 pounds of dog hair! Overall walked about 2.5 miles and shot some hoops outside. That's such an improvement from our usual Sundays.

Tomorrow should be exciting and fun. Lunch will be served during orientation. But I have packed nuts, tomatoes and plenty of water in case there's nothing I want to eat there. I am guessing it will be best to skip and be safe. I'll have report back tomorrow!  Have a great week!


  1. I hear you--starting an unknown is always a little scary! Good luck, you'll do amazing!!

  2. Can't wait to to hear how your new old job went!!!


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