Thursday, June 11, 2015

I'm Back and on Day 1

Oh my! It sure has been a hot minute since I last posted. There are many things that have happened since. I got sick and better. I had a birthday Yay!. And I went on a much needed short vacation.

 I did not go completely out of control during my vacation but I have slowly noticed myself being more lenient with my food intake. I went from not having any grains, to slowly allowing me some here and there. I also never got to the point where I could give up legumes completely. I have insulin resistance so I know and understand how what I eat affects me. 

 Although nowhere near my old self, I could sense the start of old patterns justified by my birthday/vacation. I haven’t gained any weight, however I am stuck where I was 4 weeks ago and that is not where I want to be. 

I have a long long way to go before I get to maintenance so at this point maintaining is not a good thing. I could almost say that at least I haven’t gained but I am not about trying to enable my bad habits.While hiking during my vacation , I decided that enough was enough. I have come a long way through lots of effort. Letting loose and continuing to be increasingly lenient would only end up a disaster. I know I do not want to tear down what I have accomplished and I feel like I can eventually get there by falling back into old habits. 

So I decided to try the Whole30. Not because it is a media and Instagram fad, but because in reading the book(It starts with food), a lot of it resonates with me. I felt like I needed to get back to being strict in order to reestablish my health routine. 

So I am on day one of the Whole30. I have been bad about my coke zero. I have cut down but continue to make excuses to justify one or two a day. Today is it. No alcohol, sugar, sweeteners, grains, legumes, processed food and dairy for 30 days. I am scared but excited, I am looking forward to the challenge. So to keep myself accountable I have announced it at work so that I am not offered crap and I will journal it on here.

With all that said, here is my food for Day 1:

Breakfast: compliant bacon over potato hash, hard boiled eggs and fresh berries. I ate one egg and saved the rest.

Lunch: chicken, avocado, radishes and tomato.

Dinner: chicken, carrots,green beans and tomatoes 

I hope everyone is doing well. Onlooking outward to catching up with y'all's blogs and sharing my journey through the whole30 with you. Until next time, Stay strong!!!


  1. Welcome back! I had a diet Dr. Pepper the other day, for shitz and giggles, and promptly had the runs. Guess my body is no longer used to those chemicals. :o

    It's all stuff we wax and wane on, or at least, I do. I can be super good some days, and teetering on others. The Whole 30 sounds like a good idea for you. I'm sure it will get you back on track!

    And happy belated birthday!


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