Friday, May 22, 2015

Nope! It has not happened!

It has been way longer than usual for my posts! Before anything else, let me make it clear that no, I have not fallen off the bandwagon unless it’s the blogging bandwagon! 

 I have been real busy at work, working extra hours and days. We have been short staffed for several weeks and have had to pull together to see everything through regardless of how much our workload increases. I am blessed to have a job, and one that I love but it leaves me, on most days, ready to relax in my garden or in my hammock as soon as I get home. 

 My day off (yes, a single one) is usually full of chores, food prep and catching up. The one thing that I have not allowed myself to put in the back burner is my food prep. Without it, I know I would have been out of control a long time ago. So I do make a point, regardless of my schedule, to make sure I have meals packed and ready to go for work. 

 It has been worth the effort because it keeps me on path. The scale continues to move, at times slower than others with an occasional bump up that will go back down after a day or two. Other than having some delicious tacos the other day, I have been good about sticking to my food template. 

 Of course, I did catch the horrible stomach bug that has been going around. But hey, working in a Petri dish…how can I not catch something every now and then? It took 3-4 days to get well and feeling back to normal. During those days saltines, ice chips and tea were my friends. I did not really care about the fact that I was eating crackers, I was happy that something was staying inside me!

 I hope y’all have been doing well and are looking forward to a long weekend. Although I worked this weekend, I do get Monday-Wednesday off next week!! HALLELUJAH!!I am looking forward to enjoying some sun and outdoor time with family. Stay safe and strong! Until next time!!


  1. Glad to see a post from you, and glad you are doing well. :)

  2. It's been a while; I'm glad you are still doing well.

  3. Hope all is still going well

    All the best Jan


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