Saturday, May 2, 2015

This and That

Things continue going well. Gotta love the bright sunny days even though I could do without the really warm temperatures but hey its not been too bad so far this year and you can't have your cake and eat it too ;)

 I have been doing exceptionally well with my food, but have not been as good at trying to progressively increase my step goal. I have sort been stuck at the same goal for a few weeks. Admittedly part of it has been a 'defense mechanism' trying to conserve my energy as I have been working extra hours. I walk a lot during my work day and I have found that my bad ankle ( broken once, sprained several others)seems to be achy most nights.

 I know if I increase my step goal, I will push myself and that may end up in me hurting my ankle bad enough again and going backwards instead of forward. I am afraid I might have to dig out the ole brace and hope it helps. In other news, I have continued to stick to my meat and veggies foods and find that its how I thrive. I am well satisfied and have enough energy for the day when I stick to it so this is where I will be until a need to change comes.

 I had another NSV the other day. It was a painful one haha. My feet have always been extra wide and finding cute shoes that fit well has always been one of the baisn of my existence. In my brain, my feet wouldn't 'shrink' but I have found that my 'spring' flats have become a tad too big since last year and my foot slides. This causes not only to rub blisters but also to make walking and keeping them on uncomfortable. So I now have a great excuse for new shoes yay!

Speaking of new shoes, I have been inspired by Gwen from The Sunny Coconut to organize and declutter. I have now planned to get some decluttering started next week. I have no much 'stuff' that I really do not need. I have also made a deal with myself that if I need to get something new ( like shoes) I will donate or get rid of the ones I will not be needing anymore. Someone else will probably use them, and there is no need for me to have more clutter. I also want to simplify and declutter.

When I moved here, six years ago I had 2 50 pd suitcases. If you told me that I had to move again and repack, well I would need several several suitcases. Why do I need so much stuff? So slowly I will try to declutter and reorganize. The less stuff, the easier it will be to not only keep neat but also be much more zen for the home. We will see how it goes.

Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy some sunshine wherever you are! Until next time, Stay strong!


  1. Yay for sunshine and new shoes! The sunshine we have again, maybe I"ll work on some new shoes. :)

  2. thanks for the shout out! And don't declutter slowly! Do it in big chunks! It's good exercise, and it means you will finish sooner! (just a helpful hint.) ;)

    YAY YOU.


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