Saturday, April 25, 2015

A little bit of everything

Hey everyone! I am back for what seems to be my weekly update post. 
When I first started this blog, I wanted to be able to use as an outlet whenever my emotions and frustrations would get in the way of what I knew I needed to do to better my health.

 Once I started writing and reading other blogs, I realized that not only was it a good outlet for that but also a way to build a sense of community and to realize there are others out there who are having or have had similar struggles as yours.

 I have not been as constant when it comes to posting and while some would think it’s a bad sign, it’s quite the opposite. I have been in a very good place for what seems several weeks and I am so glad that it has been that way. 

It is not by luck, it’s by hard work and consistency. I think that I have always known what the right thing to do is, I just never had the conviction or determination to do the best for me. Being a giver, I always have tried to go above and beyond for everyone. For family, friends and definitely when it comes to my work. Somehow in trying to take care of others, I ended up putting myself at the bottom of the list. That was one of my many mistakes. 

I remember reading or hearing how people have that wakeup call or that moment when they KNOW that is it. They will change their life of whatever issue or vice ails them. My vice is and has always been food. The difference is that I have taken away the power that I had always given it over me. It is not always easy. Some days I have to rationalize and talk myself out of something but I never quit pushing. I do not allow myself to beat myself up over a “bad moment when I lost control”. I own it and move on. I find that as I have started doing that, I don’t want to lose control. I can make the decision to deviate from my plan for a meal, but more than that is a no go for me. I don’t want to throw away my efforts for the sake of a fast food, dessert or beverage craving.

 We are all different and we constantly change ; this is the only way it will work for me. Last week, I went to a newly opened pizza place. It is one of those where you pick everything from your crust, sauce and toppings to build your own. Normally I would have gone nuts getting as much bang as I could for my buck. I avoid eating out because I know that it can trigger my binges. 

We were celebrating an accomplishment and the place was chosen by the person we were celebrating with. This time though, rather than stress or cancel, I enjoyed half of my personal pizza and had a side salad. It was over and done. Why make it a bigger deal than it was? I decided not to focus on it just go back to my usual plan after it.

 I had no crazy binges, no crazy cravings, no guilt or regret. I am not thinking about when will I have the ‘evil carbs’ again. I just went on to my usual high protein/fats low carb deal before and after it. Guess what? It didn’t kill me! I was proud of myself for being able to handle that. Handling it was not being careless enough to supersize and over eat. It was making the decision not to eat what I would have before or the quantities I would have before.

 We are all entitled to our own views and ideas but one of the things that I think we all need is flexibility. What kind of flexibility and how much of it is up to each individual. While it was fine this time, I am not one for making that a common occurrence. I still feel that for me the best thing is to avoid eating out as much as I can. It works so I continue to do it

 In other news I have now transitioned to a size 18!! It’s not loose on me yet but I ain’t looking like a sausage either! It feels great and continues to encourage me. If I didn’t carry most of my weight in my tummy area I probably could size down. It is great to consider how I have transitioned down several sizes now (biggest pair was a 24 that was tight on me at my highest).Slow and Steady but always moving. 

My garden is chugging along; the rain has really helped my sprouts start to grow. I have been working extra hours but will have a short vacation around June. I am looking forward to that! I have shared this quote before but it is such a good one its worth resharing. Until next time, keep loving yourself and stay strong!


  1. Alati - good post, and I love the final caption ....... don't give up, because we in 'blogland' community support so many people in their strive to a healthier life. We owe it to ourselves don't we?.

    Glad to hear your garden is 'chugging along'

    Take Care and ...

    All the best Jan

  2. Glad to see you are doing well!

    Flexibility is a tough subject. Some people can be flexible with certain items, but not others. Grains don't set me off, but sugar does. But I'm more adamant about no grains, oddly enough. (I guess maybe because I'm not addicted to them....would be my guess. Addicted to sugar, or at least chocolate, my addict mind is better at rationalizing why having a little is okay, but a little is never enough.)

    Do what works best for you, just knowing the real medical issues behind your choices. :)

    Love ya!

  3. I know that everyone says that when a blogger doesn't show up you can assume they have fallen off the program ... that certainly isn't the case with you! Congrats on the size 18!!!


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