Saturday, April 11, 2015

Garden Ramblings

April Showers are here and with a vengeance! It has been stormy all week and along with the storms we have had tons of lightning and thunder. I don’t mind stormy unless I have to drive in it. Then it feels like I’m Mr. Magoo on my way to work ;). Y'all remember him?

With all this rain I have noticed that almost all my seeds have started to sprout. Some sprouts are tinier than others but they are coming along. 

In seeing them, I got to thinking how in our own personal journeys, we are those seeds that need to be tended in order to sprout, grow and eventually produce a good harvest.

 Sometimes we just have to hold our ground by believing in our own health plans regardless of what books,friends, family or even the internet tells us.It is through consistency and hard work that we “water” our health seeds in order to have a chance at growing. If we water them too much aka trying to push too hard or do too much at once, we have greater odds at not succeeding. But if we tend to ourselves daily and put in a little effort we start to sprout. 

Whether it is when we can walk up a couple of flights of stairs without passing out, when we see the scale move down or fit into an older pair of pants there is a little sprout. 

If we continue to take care of it, we will get to where we want. But just like with a garden, our health journey can’t just be forgotten. If we choose not work on it for a few days, you have to make sure you are ok with the consequences. Whether we feel bad, or we see it reflected on the scale.

 When you lose sight of your journey, you risk losing whatever progress you’ve made or you will have to work harder on it to restore it.
 So I invite you all to hold your ground, take care of your seeds if you’re just getting started, of your sprouts if you’re a little further along like me or of your plant if you are lucky enough to be in maintenance by now. Until next time !


  1. great analogy! I would add that just like something that grows, it takes time and it does you no good to sit there and try to watch it grow.

  2. GREAT post, Alati. I've been sympathy (over) eating a tiny bit this week. Not even over the house...over my daughter. I have to nip this in the bud TODAY.

  3. Good Post ..... and I love the pictures too!

    All the best Jan


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