Saturday, April 4, 2015

Think Positive But Be Proactive

I think by now you all know that I am a true believer of positivity. A positive attitude and mind can be powerful weapons when facing different situations in our lives, weight loss included. Being at peace with your choices, maintaining a positive attitude and doing self care are some of the things that are different for me this time. They are also what I believe has made this journey a slow but successful one so far. 

 I was trying to have that conversation with someone and I realized that even though she was listening, she didn't really get what I was saying. I'm sorry but I cannot take you seriously when you tell me you have a positive attitude towards your health as you munch on chicken wings and cheese fries. When you give me 10 excuses why (without me asking)you could not eat healthy that day.I used to eat plenty of those, but not while talking to someone about how I wanted to lose weight. 

Don't get me wrong, I do not feel better than that person. Actually I see myself reflected on them. So many times, I was dishonest with myself by pretending it was only the one bad meal, that I would really start a diet or eat less starting the next day, week, month, year....but then it never happened. The few times it did, it was a half assed attempt that was doomed from the very beginning. Time goes by so fast and before you know it, you are in a place you never thought you would ever be.

 I am not the best role model  or a role model at all when it comes to working out or eating. But I do know that you cannot out exercise a bad diet. I am not even talking about you needing an specific or restrictive food plan but just plain nutrition. 

Every day we are faced with choices from the moment we get up. What will you wear, what road you'll take to work, what will you eat for breakfast...every choice is an opportunity to better  and take care of yourself. So when faced with all these choices, why do we have such a struggle to make the right ones?

 Most of us obese/overweight /or formerly overweight/obese people, know what the right choices are but knowing does not equal doing. Just like thinking positive without being proactive will not help you change your nutrition and health around. 

 I think that thats the issue with many people. Many think that being positive about something equals to just thinking and not doing. I can think positively all I want but that will not change my weight or improve my health. You have to be positive, reframe the negative but you have to move your butt!! The weight is not going to come off thanks to positive thoughts or vibes, it is through hard work and change. 

 Expect struggles, hard times, stressful situations, cravings...always expect them because they will happen. When working on changing your lifestyle and pursuing good health we ALL have and will experience plenty of obstacles and challenges. We are all faced with hard choices and weak moments. 

Address them with the right mindframe and consider the potential behaviors and/or problems they may trigger. You may not always make the best choices. You will never be perfect but own each one of your choices. Good or bad. They may not be perfect, but something can always be done to change and a lesson will always be taught. 
 Change your I can'ts and I won'ts for I wills and I cans. Be patient, Be kind to yourself and Work Hard! Always work hard!


  1. Good post :) Success in health means ACTUALLY making those decisions and taking those actions that we do all know are the right ones... Positive thinking is great, but needs to be paired with action :)

  2. One of the best posts I have read in a LONG, LONG time, my friend. Kudos.


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