Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Sunday well spent

They say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. I wholeheartedly agree with this! If this is your first time reading here in sure you're thinking:"what the heck Alati it's only Wednesday!!?!??". It is for most people but it is actually my Sunday!

 I work the Thursday though Friday work shift and the longer I do,the better I like it. Because at this point, I've chosen not to have many responsibilities, this schedule allows me time during the week to get things done.When I need the weekend off for a special reason, it's nice to be able to use my time off. It works for now, I am truly happy and blessed at my job!

Today, I got my food prep for the week done. I am a firm believer that if you fail to prep, you prep to I got my lunches for the week ready. Here's a picture of the first batch:

I'm currently obsessed with mason jars! I love how easy to clean up and don't pick any of the food smells. The cuteness is just a bonus lol!

This week I made salad dressing using balsamic vinegar, splash of lime juice and evoo. I poured 1.5 tablespoons at the bottom of my jars, added a handful of grape tomatoes and filled them up with my favorite power green blend (Swiss chard,kale,spinach and a bit of shredded carrots). They say they should be fine for a whole week in the fridge but I am skeptical so I always fix three at a time.

I also have an ounce of feta cheese in each of the lil container that I will mix into the salad as well as a hard boiled egg that I will chop over it as well. 

The bottom jars have baby portabellas sliced, green beans, chopped onions and parsley. There's a cup of that in each jar which gives me something 'warm' to eat after my salad. Delicious!

I really need to revamp my breakfast routine. I am trying to make sure I add fats and proteins but feel I need some variety. How do you prep for the week?

Hope all is going well with you, remember taking some extra time now will make a big difference later on. I leave you with a little inspiration:


  1. Your posts are always so motivating! I have gotten really lax when it comes to my food prep ... been stuck eating naked hamburgers lately for lunch ... ugh ... I really need to put the effort back in to my weekly food prep. I love the salad jars!!!

  2. I don't prep for the week. I love to eat spur of the moment. I think I'd personally get bored, otherwise. :o

  3. You are amazing at being prepared. It's long been proven that it is a huge help in the fight to lose weight and maintain. Your jars are healthy too! I sincerely hope your efforts pay off because you deserve it.


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