Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 1 Aftermath and onto Day 2

Well day 1 is in the books and I think I did well. I successfully stayed on plan and my only complaint was a dull headache  all day. 

I know the headache was from caffeine withdrawal. Even though on the whole 30 you can have coffee ( recommended 2 cups max ideally before noon so it doesn't affect your sleep), I decided to try to quit it for good. 

Not sure why I thought I had to cut down all the way to zero lol but I regretted that all day because of that headache. It finally went away around 3pm when I decided to just drink a cup. This is pretty much how I felt :

 I had been having close to 4-5 cups a day plus the caffeine that coke zero had. On the bright side I already liked my coffee black so I have no issue about it lacking sweeteners or creamer.

On to Day 2: This morning I was worried about how I would feel. According to the book's timeline, day 2-5 is usually when the "hangover" hits you.  I felt good today, I drank one cup of coffee and had no headache. I actually feel a bit more energized tonight and I know it ain't related to caffeine haha!

Here's the food of the day:

Breakfast: beef patty, leftover hash and a hard boiled egg white
Lunch: zucchini noodles aka zoodles with  homemade marinara, chicken , a couple of radishes and a small slice of avocado
Dinner: stir fry with beef and mixed veggies ( broccoli, carrots, snow peas ) seasoned with a dash of coconut aminos.

Looking forward to a successful Day 3! Have a great weekend. Until next time, Stay focused!


  1. good job, and hope by the time you read this, your headache is gone!

    1. It finally did and omg you don't realize how bad it was until it goes away! Thanks for reading!


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