Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 11

I have made it to day 11! As excited as I am to be doing this and about staying strong regardless, I have to admit that today I am struggling. Emotionally past drained during the last three days and Father's day is still a rough one for me even if its been several years since I lost my dad. 

Once you are already feeling emotionally weak, it doesn't take much to make it worse. Snowball effect anyone? After I leave work, I am going to my second family home to celebrate Father's Day with my 'Second Dad'. 

He has chosen his menu which shall consist of fried chicken, greens cooked with bacon, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese and key lime pie. I am attending but gave my disclaimer a week ago that I would be bringing my food and not sharing their food. It gets easier and easier the more functions occur and I am still on "my diet" as they call it lol. 

 Here is my food of the day: 

 Breakfast: Chicken apple sausage and greens, tomatoes and strawberries.

 Lunch:Salad greens, avocado, chicken and a few pieces of leftover fajitas.

 Dinner:NO I DIDNT EAT A PUPPY! I did forget to take a pic  and figure a cute puppy always fixes everything 😁. What I did eat was a Big salad ( tomatoes, greens, radishes, cucumber, lime juice, evoo), chicken apple sausage and a baked sweet potato. 

 Hope y'all had a good weekend and celebrated the Dads out there. Until next time! Stay strong!


  1. you done good! Sorry about your dad.

  2. Hey Lady ... I have to tell you I'm so proud of you for staying strong and nailing this thing ... Sorry about your dad ... I lost my brother on Fathers Day 28 years ago and its still very tough to enjoy the day with out him ... I'm enjoying your daily posts! I'm reading them even if I'm not responding!

    1. Thank you Retha! I am glad you're doing well!


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