Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 5

One of my coworkers texted me that picture today asking me if I can relate lol to be honest I thought that would be how I would feel but it has not been that way at all.

I miss my coke zero but not to the point that I'm constantly thinking about. It is more of a fleeing thought if I happen to notice someone's soft drink. I'm enjoying the foods I am eating and making a point to not make myself eat something I do not enjoy.

I prep my meals the night before so I don't waste much energy thinking about food. It's fixed and ready at mealtime and I truly not think about what I can't have while I commit to this.

Tonight was another cooking first for me. A few days ago I tried coconut aminos in a stirfry and enjoyed the taste. Tonight I sautéed my vegetables in some ghee and was pleasantly surprised! Of course I took the lazy way out and bought some pre made compliant ghee but hey I gotta start somewhere!

Here's my food for the day:

Breakfast: power green scramble, beef patty, half a small avocado and half an apple.
Lunch: half the avocado, half an apple, lettuce and chicken Apple sausages.
Dinner: beef patty, sweet potato. Sautéed carrots and sautéed yellow /green  green beans.

My face is breaking out horribly today. I am hoping it's the detoxing part of my skin having all the yuck come to the surface! Other than that I am still feeing pretty good, clear headed and energized. 

Hope your Monday was a good one. Until next time!

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  1. Sorry about the breakout, but yay everything else! I have had 2-3 diet sodas in the past two weeks, and in each case, got a bout of diarrhea within a half hour. Hence, no more diet sodas for me.


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