Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Water Dilemma Part 3

Well, it's been two weeks since I wrote the first part and challenged myself to drink 140 ounces of water a day. The first week was really not successful as I failed to meet my goal intake all but one time. My first reaction was to beat myself up and tell myself that I HAD to do this, no matter what. People thought I was being stupid and ridiculous about this "crazy number" both on the interwebs but mostly in "real life". My family would just shake their heads and smile when I tried to explain my logic.
I pointed out last time that I seemed to feel sick to my stomach after hitting 100 ounces. I think this was more of a mental than a physical thing. During the second week, I decided to drop the "number" and try to focus on just drinking as much as I wanted to. Turns out, without my own pressure, I actually got the 140 ounces 4 out of 7 days without a struggle.
 Important things I have observed is that during the days I drank more, I was actually more active therefore probably my body needed it more. I also noticed that during those days I didn't drink as much coffee or other beverages which I believe also helped.
I am so happy that my skin has cleared up so much during the past two weeks, something I attribute to my diet but also to all that water. I have also lost another 5 pounds so yay that makes me extremely happy. I've also found that adding three (yes, three) frozen grapes to my 50 oz water bottle seems to motivate me to drink up so I can eat the grapes when I'm done haha
Bottom line is, my experiment taught me that I still can psych myself out and be in my own way even when it comes to things like water. To feel like I had a bad failure day because I didn't meet the water ounces even though it was a day in which I ate well, was active, worked out and had quality time with loved ones is what is stupid and ridiculous.
I also realized, that I should not  be obsessed with meeting an ounce goal. Too many goals at once, for me, will only drive me crazy...or crazier ;) I know that if I get frustrated or feel like I am failing, I get negative energy. And I am all about trying to stay positive and moving forward even if it would seem too slow to some. So plan B is,  I will continue to drink drink drink as much as my body needs to and try to continue to decrease my diet soda consumption until I take it out of my diet at all.


  1. Good for you for figuring out how you were sabotaging yourself! Water is something I struggle with, even when I cut out all other beverages. Congrats on the weight loss, too!

  2. Thank you! I think that that I ended up learning something after all. Thanks for reading!

  3. So I am in a challenge where we drink 80 oz of water a day--Im with a team doing it. It's been super cool! Everyone says how AMAZING they feel!! Losing weight, less cravings, more energy. It's cool! Thanks for your post, good motivation for me!

  4. Thanks for reading Kirtley! That challenge sounds like a great way to be motivated :)

  5. I'm horrible at getting my water in if I don't use crystal light. I know people are against artificial sweeteners, but to me Splenda is better than others and really I think the benefits of drinking water out weighs the possible risks. I just drink sooooo much more water when it's flavoured.


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