Monday, September 29, 2014

I Hate working out.

There it is, i said it. I hate working out. This is how I've always felt: 

    Hate is such a strong word yet one I've used so many times whenever exercise is brought up. It's always easier to say you "hate" something than to admit you struggle with it, that your body gets in the way making it harder or just that you are embarassed to show up at the gym. That's a stupid concept isn't it? A fat person being embarassed to go to the gym! Well, the reason is because some gyms (but def not all) are full of thin good looking people, therefore being the biggest one around made me feel out of place although I was the one who needed to be there the most. I realize that statement was not entirely true as much as I wanted to believe it. Yes, there were lots of fit people but lots of "normal" folks as well in all shapes and sizes. The thin people, is what I focused on, because it made it easier for me to make my case against the evil gym.That was just my justification. Scratch that, one of my many justifications.
     I have wasted so much money over the years on gym memberships I rarely used and I have used all sorts of excuses for it . Here's just a few off the top of my head:
1- I don't have time at all or too little time that's its best not to even go
2- Im too tired
3- it's too hot, cold and/or rainy
4- I "forgot" to pack my bag or forgot to switch out clothes
5- I'm probably getting my period, on my period or just got done with it
6- I am coming down with something
7- I'll just go tomorrow and work twice as hard
8- My foot/arm/ankle/head/stomach...even my scalp;) hurts

     Am I the only one who has done this? Surely not! A few years ago, I finally gave up on the gyms and joined the Y. That was a world of difference. The atmosphere seemed more relaxed. The mixture of ages, color, shapes and sizes made it for a comfortable place.  I didn't feel like the odd one out.
     So I started trying to love working out (keyword try).  Here's the thing about me, I would start all excited and into something then after a few days I'm all over and done with it. The excuses start and pretty soon I had given up on it. This sums up my relationship with the Y. I would start the week right, going every day then by Wednesday I'd either be tired, achy, icky or something and not go back til next Monday. Instead of trying to work my way up by planning to start off three times a week and then pushing to going everyday, I would just quit going. "Well, I've already missed  X so I'll just go next week" " my ankle wants to start hurting anyway, better off staying off of it". Excuses have always come easy. Yes, I do have an injured/past broken ankle and it acts up a lot, but instead of not doing anything, I should have tried adjusting and changing in order to do SOMETHING.
     Less weight would have made my ankle happy but eating like I was plus no exercise, only amounted into more and more pounds for my ankle and everything else to deal with. Eventually, as money got tighter, I rationalized that the Y membership needed to go. Not the fast food binges or junk food spending but the Y! Ha! How sad, I prolly could spend more than  the  Y fee during a  week of binge. Once I totally quit trying and became complacent with my sedentary bigger self, is when I ballooned up and hit rock bottom or high based on the scale.
     Fast forward to present time, I still struggle with working out, staying motivated and being more active. I have made so many good food related choices, changes and continue adjusting in order to get results. The area that could use the most improvement is exercise. I am still not a member of the Y or any gym but am lucky enough to have a very good elliptical, bunches of DVDs and a big yard at home. There is no excuse for me not to exercise daily. I could say I hate exercise yet I LOVE the way I feel after it. I love the extra energy and just positiveness I feel, as well as the sense of accomplishment.
      If you are anything like me, try with small goals, enjoy reaching them and then start shooting for more. Whether it is a walk, run, dance,swim or anything push yourself to do it.  Your  body will thank you for it and you will feel great after. Diet is a big part of this journey, some consider it the most important part. While I agree, I believe that it should go hand in hand with being more active. It's like they say two heads think better than one? then diet and exercise together have to be better than just one of them alone. Keep moving don't stop! Until next time'

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