Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Water Dilemma

     Have you ever felt that almost any time you read about how something is really good for you within a few months or years there will be new studies claiming it was not that good for you after all? or viceversa?
    I remember a long time ago when avocados were to be avoided because of their fat content. Growing up outside the U.S. I was able to walk out to the yard and pick an avocado during season and just devour it with a fresh cooked tortilla.Then all of a sudden, as my weight fluctuated and I was taken places to lose weight, avocado was one of the foods in their banned foods. I also can think back to when coconut oil was deemed a villain, I am sure there are many more.
     I love learning new things. I enjoy researching and reading, especially when I can read two opposing views on the same subject, allowing me to decide for my own self what I believe. One of the things I have been reading about lately is the relationship between water consumption and weight loss. 

     We all know and have heard that water is essential to our health and although many struggle with drinking plain water, the question is how much should we really be drinking? if I drink more, will I lose more?? According to Mayo Clinic the answer is not that easy and no single formula fits every one. But what is clear is that water helps flush out toxins and allows our body to stay hydrated.
      Some studies tried to link an increase water consumption to an increased metabolism, therefore leading to a higher calorie burn. From what I have read, findings are preliminary and the impact may be small.Who knows, in a few months we may be hearing the opposite and the impact be great. On the other hand studies have proved that drinking 16 oz of water before eating can help you lose weight although the true physiology as to why, is not completely clear.
     Regardless of what you read or believe, I think one thing that most of us can agree on is the fact that drinking plenty of water can help you feel fuller, will hydrate you after a workout, can help clear up your skin and will flush toxins out of your body. I used to think any liquid would do, so my drink of choice was coke zero. I realize that although it was a fluid, I was also consuming chemicals, preservatives and truckload of sodium.
     So all this gets me to another change I have been working on: drinking more water. Whatever formula you follow whether you drink half your body weight in ounces or the good old 8 cups a day, drinking water is a great step. I am not sure yet whether it accelerates my metabolism or not, but I think it helps me feel fuller and somehow "lighter" than my succession of coke zero cans used to do. An added bonus is that it is very budget friendly....well unless you're into those intelligent or fancy waters and such ( But that's your choice and a whole other topic ;)
     So for the next two weeks, I have decided to experiment with myself. I will start drinking half my body weight in ounces of water every day and see if this makes any difference to my progress. To switch it up some, I will be occasionally adding a couple of orange or lemon slices .As with anything, I encourage you to inform yourself and find out what works for you. I will be looking forward to see if I notice any differences. 


Stay tuned, Until next time!


  1. I can't speak for others, but the more water I drink the better I do with losing weight. I bring a gallon jug with me to work everyday and my goal is to finish it before I go home. I consdider it to be weight loss liquid GOLD!

  2. Can't wait to see how your experiment goes. I've said all along that I read the studies and formulate my own opinion and plans!!!!!

  3. That gallon is a great idea. I am excited to challenge myself with drinking more water and hopefully I will find it my liquid gold as well!


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