Friday, August 15, 2014

You mean to tell me there's no quick fix??

        My mom  "nudged" me into considering losing weight as far as I can remember. This of course was taken to the next level when for one of my birthdays (16 or 17th?) ,as a gift, I was taken into a weight loss center aka evil weight loss place (EWLP). This EWLP claimed that doing their expensive plan that avoided exercise like the plague and included body wraps three times a week,would reshape my body and make me look like the model that lived inside me. Yes, they said that. Apparently we all have models living inside us?? who knew??
        While in there, a so called " nutrition specialized doctor" questioned me about my eating habits, took what appeared like lengthy notes and proceeded to  measure everything and weigh me. She then had me stand in front of a mirror in my underwear and proceeded to point out all my flaws one by one while insisting I look at myself not off to the side like I wanted to do. While I can maybe rationalize that the shock value my image in the mirror was supposed to motivate and inspire me, it only helped me in getting better at looking in the mirror but not really looking. My mom paid a hefty sum for a six month intensive plan.
        The plan was basically a "quick fix" to the fat problem. They gave you a meal plan that included lots of soups  and veggies, some "magic" pills to take daily and an appointment three times a week for a body wrap. Every time you came in, the "nurses" would weigh you and mark it red if you gained, blue if you lost. Man, did it suck to gain a few ounces! The way they carried on and embarassed you in front of others there for their appointment at the same time if you gained, was not only wrong but also demeaning. Again, I get that they may have been wanting to light a fire in you to lose weight but it made me hate the stupid scale.
          In a total of six months I lost  about 16 pounds but I did lose a  few  pant sizes. Enough for me to get new pants which were probably used a total of two months or so.  What is sad is that I learned that regardless of the red marks in my chart, the wraps would still work at reducing my measurements. Therefore, in my twisted brain I was getting the best of both worlds, losing without working for it. You see, Volume was what it worked on and I suppose what made you feel like this was really working. But none of my habits changed. I still had an unhealthy relationship with food and the most change I had done was learning to go pee, shift my weight while standing on the scale, and not drinking water an hour before they weighed me to reduce my odds of getting a red mark. After your plan was over they offered a "maintenance" plan for about the same price which involved wraps once a week and a consult with the doc to review meals. Needless to say, my mom didn't buy the extra plan and shortly after I ballooned up and gained what I lost plus way more. I think that was the first time I reached 200+. It wasn't the EWLP that made me fatter, it was my ignorance in thinking there was a quick fix that didn't involve me changing my ways. It's been a long time coming but I'm finally there!you have to change! Change your ways, your attitude and you have to work hard for a long period of time! Small changes can make a big difference and instead of dieting I have to see it as a change in lifestyle.
           When reading about weight loss and healthy lifestyles,one of the things most commonly mentioned is cutting down on sugary soft drinks. Growing up, I used to love regular coke and never considered the implications of the amount of sugar I was ingesting. I never even considered diet soft drinks until I went to the "evil weight loss place" on my birthday. That was one of the things we were told were ok, diet soft drinks. Although they weren't as good and  I liked them enough to switch over, my affinity for them exploded after moving to the U.S. I have been the person ordering the big mac and fries with a diet coke for way too long. In the house, we have a stash of coke zero always available. What does a stash look like?
On a good day there's about 12-15 12 packs on our shelf. *sigh* why must you taste so good??
At least three in our fridge at all times. How incongruent to see more veggies and fruit in the fridge yet still have the soft drinks there?

       I have decided that one of the small changes I need to make is break up with coke zero. Not only will it be good for my body but also for my pocketbook.Now after such a long term relationship, I can't just quit cold turkey! So I have started by dramatically reducing my intake to two can a day and drinking decaf tea instead. This has been my fave so far:


             After brewing the tea, I add one tablespoon of agave to the 2 quart pitcher making the whole thing only 60 calories. It tastes delicious and is helping me not miss coke zero as much every day. To many this may not be a huge deal, but for me it's a big change. One that can only help me on this journey.Until next time!

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