Sunday, September 14, 2014

Long time, no blog

     Things have been and continue to be hectic around here with so much unknown and out of our control that I find it a continuos struggle to keep focused and calm. Somehow though, with a lot of effort, I continue to stay on track with this journey. I still could be doing better, I need to up the working out. There have been many times I've craved my binge triggers such as fast food but I have not made the choice to blow my effort so far. I have had to say no to certain things that I'd normally say YES! to (overindulging, sweets, high calorie food). I have to make many choices daily ( we all do), and continuing this journey by making the sometimes harder right choices regardless of what's going on is one of my top priorities.
      As far as numbers on the scale, I am happy to be going the right direction. I know slow and steady will be the way for me. So far, I've lost  21 pounds in 56 days. Lots is probably water weight. I am not feeling hungry or like I'm denying myself anything. I am doing it in such a way that I feel like I could eat this way forever, and that will hopefully be the key to help me be successful. I know the numbers on the scale are just that and I will not obsess over them. Some weeks that number may or may not move and that's ok.
     I found this quote from Stephen Covey that I think can be applied to many things including this particular journey. My bigger "yes" is a healthier and slimmer me. Until next time!



  1. You're doing amazing!!! Wow, Alati--great blog! Love the words from Stephen R. Covey!

  2. You sound like you've got the right mindset to be successful!

  3. Ty Sean! @FogDog thank you and you're there now! :)


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