Friday, September 19, 2014

The Failed Observation

     I have been hit with whatever bug is floating around which has me feeling queasy, exhausted and like i have some barbed wire stuck in my throat. So with energy bottomed out, I decided to indulge in some hulu and find a show to watch. A couple of years ago we got rid of our satellite, and although I thought it would be the death of me because I was so addicted to my trashy reality tv ( no shame, I admit it lol) it was the best decision ever.
     The show that was featured on their homepage was The Biggest Loser. How appropriate I thought! I used to watch way back when they first started, not because I was interested in losing weight but because it made me feel better. Even though I was already overweight, I was smaller than "those" people and that would NEVER be me. Ha! never say never! There is a saying in Spanish that roughly translates to " dont spit up  because it will eventually fall back on you". That's me in a nutshell when it comes to this show! I spit up by thinking I could never be that big and thinking I was so much better than the contestants because I would never let myself go that bad.The spit sure got me as I did let myself go, I had and struggle with food issues and I became one of "those" people.
    As I am watching the show, I decided to write down these thoughts.Because I had not watched in years, I was shocked when I realized that Jillian and whats his name are not on it anymore (BOB?). I guess it makes sense, Jillian seems to have gone down the solo promo and magic detoxes route (no, I will not research this, it is just moo).
     So this time around, all the contestants are former athletes.I am about 20 minutes in and there's already plenty of tears and shouting going on. Why am I watching this again? Oh my, someone just passed out .Here comes doctor whats his name.Oh yeah, the buckets soon follow. I don't think I will be able to handle the rest of this show.Bless their hearts.
      I am sure this show has plenty of yay and naysayers. I do not belong in any group because I can't really make myself watch it anymore. We all have to do what we have to do and in the way we think it needs to be done. Whether it is in the privacy of your home, alongside our friends and family or I guess on national tv.
     The one thing that I did take away from the short time I watched was something the new coach trainer said: "Its not about that first decision, its about making that choice every day". How very true this is, Making the decision to change is hard. Getting there, to that rock bottom where you have no place to go but up is hard. But probably the hardest part is continuing to make that choice every day regardless of anything else. Now I don't think that is a negative thing. Nothing worth getting is ever easy.
     I do think the daily choice becomes a tad easier the more change becomes a part of your routine and seeing results also helps. Now that tad easier will not be constant, there are harder days and more or less results. These results may not be on the scale or even on the way your clothes fit, but in your attitude and energy levels. I can't speak for others, but I feel like I have a better outlook on things and a desire to do things. I was way too comfortable to lay back and do nothing before.
     So although my tv show observation was a fail, I still think that some will find tv shows like TBL inspirational and some are wired through tough love. Otherwise, how could a show survive so many seasons? As usual, I have to leave you with some humor, Until next time!


  1. You need to check out my post about the biggest loser...
    I wrote it about 18 months ago, but I guess the show probably hasn't changed much.

  2. Just read it! I totally agree!


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