Monday, September 22, 2014

Deciding, Discovering, Distracting, and Doing it all over again

     This weekend I had a lot going through my mind as I kept hearing tidbits about the going ons in lives of people I grew up with. At 35, it is amazing to see how everyone's life takes such different paths as well as how decisions and choices in all areas can make for very different outcomes. I am sure in 5, 10 and even 20 years the differences will prove even more shocking.
     I grew up being a fairly good kid, always career oriented and with a big sense of responsibility. Even though I put myself in plenty of stupid situations during my late teens, I was lucky and smart enough to always balance out the work and play. I think that the older I get and the more I self analyze, the more I realize how my weight and eating choices was one of the areas where even with having the knowledge and brain to make better choices for me, I still chose to fill up whatever voids I had with food.
     One of the many things that I seek to accomplish through my journey is being able to achieve all the D's : Deciding, Discovering, Distracting and Doing it all over again. I am so early in my journey that I may need to add some more D's and even may have to borrow some other letters. Here is a break down of what I call my D's.
     DecidingDeciding came to me when I realize I couldn't and wouldn't continue to hurt my body and myself with food. Deciding was stepping on that scale and facing the reality. Something very fulfilling and quite amazing happens when you decide to be honest with yourself. This is not just when it comes to weight but also in being honest with what you like or dislike. I am a people pleaser, I have plenty of times put other people's needs before mine. Saying no to others never seemed like a viable option. Deciding involves making choices that may not be easy but that are what you need. There is no better time to decide to love and take care of yourself than NOW!
.Discovering: Being honest with myself means discovering the true me. My likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. By identifying our weaknesses, not only in the way we eat but in every area of our lives, we can find ways to be better and do better. When I started being more honest with myself, as a result, I ended up being more honest with others. I was able to say you know what? I appreciate that but no thanks! this is mighty important when you are changing the way you eat. But discovering is about so much more than that, is about learning to accept and love yourself. I do not think you ever stop discovering and learning about yourself no matter what age.
Distracting:This may sound funny but I have found that whenever my brain won't shut off and the thoughts filling it are not good, distracting is a great tool. Distracting can entail so many things, getting up and moving around, picking up the phone and calling someone, or one of my faves, reading blogs. Distracting is changing your path when the one you are one is not going to be beneficial for you. Therefore, we can all benefit from distracting, during weight loss or any time we are going down a self sabotage road.Obviously, distracting is not foolproof and there are times that distracting will not be enough. But on a day to day basis, distracting can be a valuable tool to consider.
Doing it all over again: There's no rocket science to this one. Life is not static, therefore as we evolve we always have to reassess, rediscover and adjust. Doing it all over again means that you will keep up with all of the above and will continue down your path. Doing it all over again means that you will keep moving forward even if you face a set back. Doing it all over again means that as you continue to put yourself first and know yourself more, you will do and continue to do your best effort to achieve the best you.

Stay Strong, Get up and Push Forward ! Until next time!

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