Monday, October 20, 2014

The Dryer Fluctuation

This weekend while I was catching up with chores and browsing along Pinterest, I came upon this gem :

I had to laugh out loud as I was folding clothes when I thought back to a conversation with my roomie several months ago. We kept complaining about how our dryer was shrinking our clothes. We decided that either I was drying everything on high, it was running too hot or clothes are just not being made like they used to be. Granted, the latter is true. The reason our clothes kept shrinking was because our bodies kept expanding,
Funny note, where I grew up we didn't use or have electric washers and dryers. Nowadays they are a bit more common but still not the norm. So that excuse about the dryer shrinking my clothes? That wouldn't have flown. This is similar to what we have back home: (thanks google!)
 It is a concrete washboard with a water  tub right next to it which is usually filled by a faucet installed right above. Man power does the work, no electricity needed. From there the clothes go up on the clothesLine where the sun and the wind do the drying trick. Fading may occur but no data on shrinkage !
I am happy to report that after two months of my journey, my dryer has been magically fixed haha and our clothes are no longer shrinking! We might have the opposite problem now as it seems some have stretched out a bit ;)
So as I wrap up my little anecdote I come to this parting thought. It's both funny and sad, how easily we  (I) can come up with excuses about the things we don't think about changing until the spark for change is lit within us. So now that it's been lit, let's keep it glowing  as each and every one of ur journeys continue. Until next time 


  1. Great post! I remember my mother washing things with a washboard, and telling me stories about how her grandmother used to wash clothes like this(we had a washer, but she was going through a "pioneer woman" phase).

    I have a washer and dryer, but I still prefer to hang my clothes on the line (when it doesn't rain).

    1. Yes! Outdoor fresh! I love doing that with the bedspreads during the summer! I have to say I have learned to love and appreciate the convenience of a washer and dryer. Heck, one of these days I may have to write my ode to the dishwasher ;) thanks for reading!


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