Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween, Confession Time and Scale Club Day

I wish I had seen the pic above before I had to experience it myself! A couple of days ago, after dinner,I gave in to the temptation of fresh brownies sitting on the counter. We had finished a very good dinner and the fact that I had calories "to spare" made saying no thanks a bit harder. 
I had half of one, and it was delicious but because I have been reducing my sugar intake  as much as I can ( getting it mostly from fruit), I was not prepared to my body's reaction. I had a sugar spike which probably made my body try to fix and lower it. It ended up with me crashing, feeling like crap and yawning up a storm within 20 minutes. I was asleep by 7:30 feeling like hell! It was no fun and definitely not worth the brownie!
I know it was the sugar that did me in. I didn't do anything different that day except that. I am not getting sick or have a bug. I just cannot handle the sugar anymore. A few weeks back, I had 1/2 serving of real Mac n cheese because we were invited to dinner at someone's house. I had all the veggies but the mac n cheese was the "main" meal. Because I have also cut on fatty and rich foods, my body couldn't tolerate it well and I'll just spare you the details of that night lol. Suffice to say the high carbs plus dairy fat was too heavy for me. And though I hate it at the time, it made me happy because it means maybe my body is making me make better choices.
So things I have learned is that even when within my calorie budget, indulging is not always the best idea (for me),especially if I have to feel like crap. Let me clarify, I felt like crap physically not emotionally. That's so good as crazy as that sounds! It tells me that I'm learning to be kinder to myself even when it comes to a "within calorie budget indulgence".
So with that said, tonight I will be avoiding the sugars at all cost because I want to feel good not crappy! Remember it's also Friday so that means weigh in day at the sunny coconut for the scale accountability club. Click Here to check it out! I am down two more pounds yay!  Until next time!


  1. Alati, it wasn't the 'fat' from the macaroni and cheese, it was noodles/pasta/grains. And/or maybe dairy, if you have a dairy sensitivity. But definitely the pasta.

    I am (sort of) sorry you had the bad reaction to sugars and grains, and yet, it's a really good thing:

    1. it shows you how horribly your body has been feeling, that we get so accustomed to...when eating sugars and grains.
    2. it shows that your body is adjusting to feeling it healthy, REAL foods, and how much it HATES anything else.
    3. hopefully it will spur you on to stay with healthy, real foods in the future.

    thanks for the link! :)

    1. Gwen, I agree it was a good (albeit sucky) lesson and it definitely will remind me that my body is happy and better without processed junk and sugars. Thanks for reading!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Connie! I was glad to see some movement!

  3. Alati - You're doing a good job!!! I had a similar reaction to a child's ice cream cone - I was *sick*!

    It does make it easier to avoid added sugar after those types of experiences.

    1. It sure does LM, I don't want to feel that kind of "sick" anytime soon. thanks for reading!


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