Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's not always easy

    I try hard, no matter what is happening around me, to stay positive and encourage myself and others in any way I can. But because I'm a normal human being, every now and then, I feel myself getting in a funk when my journey to a healthy me seems like a long long way away. Instead of focusing on what I have accomplished, I get stuck on how much more needs to be and it is so overwhelming that I sometimes wonder if I will ever get there. 
There is a part of me that feels focused and grounded in what I want and need to do but there's also the part of me that is insecure, doubtful and easily discouraged. Just like my food and life choices needed improvement in order to be healthier, those characteristics of my personality ( insecurity, self doubt) need to improve. It is alright to be insecure, doubtful and feel discouraged sometimes . It is important to recognize and admit I  am feeling that way. But It's not ok with me to let those traits define and take over who  I am and what I am working to accomplish. 
There are two things that I need to define and guide me: persistence and consistency.  Hard days will come for all of us, some days will seem simpler than others but we must keep going forward. Stay strong!


  1. Great advise! Thanks for that :) persistance and consistence. Love that.


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