Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm in a pickle!

Yes, you read that right. I'm in a pickle....a pickle kind of mood that is! I recently posted about the way I was Bulking up my meals in order to give my eyes a greater volume to appreciate without adding a bunch if calories. This is a part of the little things I try in order to stay on track.
Another thing that I've been trying is  doing what I call my Pickled Yums. Quite the fancy name,right? Right! I have tried to add more and more vegetables to my diet. Not only are they good for you but they are also low in calories. That is a winning combination in my book!
Every now and then, I get tired of eating them raw or roasted and get in the mood for something tangy. My all time favorite chips were salt and vinegar so I try to trick myself into thinking this is my alternative to those ;)
I will not make this a post about the pros and cons of vinegar. We all believe and have to do things the way it's best for us and our plans. I'm not even going to advocate for any specific type of vinegar. I'm advocating for a low calorie snack, side dish or whatever (for myself) ,that keeps me satisfied, doesn't add many calories and encourages me to eat extra veggies. So if I haven't lost you to google and the black hole that is googling benefits and risks of x,y,z vinegar consumption, here is how I make my pickled yums.
I should clarify that the term pickled might not be the correct term. As there is no boiling or canning to this process. These are just simple refrigerator keep a couple of days pickles. Here is what I used to make mine today:

Pickled Yums
1 large cucumber thinly sliced
1 medium onion of your choice thinly sliced  ( I had vidalia on hand)
5 ounces baby carrots
2 cups of vinegar
2 cups water
Salt, dry mint, dry oregano to taste
A pinch of sweetener (optional)
Glass containers 

 I thinly slice my cucumber and onion because it's what I prefer,but I have done spears and Cubs before. There's no right or wrong way! Once I'm done, I layer my veggies inside each jar. I usually make 4 jars with the ingredients. A mason jar is a must because everything tastes better In them, right? Well, that is what pinterest would have us believe ;)

Once you have added you choice of veggies, go ahead and add your salt and dried herbs. I haven't tried using fresh herbs but I can't imagine they would be a bad addition. I included the option of adding a pinch of your choice sweetener if you enjoy the sweetish tangy taste. I skip it most of the time. But hey, I also enjoy eating limes and lemons just because, so I'm a tangy kind of girl!

I add  1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup of water to each jar. Then I put the tops on and shake them like a Polaroid picture! Pop them in the fridge and you're ready to go the next day! These should be fine for 3-5 days in the fridge. I can't really vouch for more since I will usually eat them four days in a row whenever I make them! 

I will eat them as a snack,when I'm craving something crispy and salty or on top of a bed of greens as a "salad dressing". I end up just scooping out the veggies but they are moist enough to wet my greens and make for a yummy tangy salad. Another favorite of mine is using it as a side dish for a nicely grilled steak. The possibilities and vegetable combinations are endless! 
How do you incorporate more vegetables to your diet? Let me know! Stay tangy, Until next time!


  1. Sounds interesting, I'll have to try. We steam veggies a lot; it brings out the flavor. We also cook them quite a bit on the charcoal grill. My favorite is grilled asparagus!

    1. FD, I'm with ya! Grilled veggies are super tasty. Thanks for reading!

  2. That does look interesting. I might give it a go.

    1. Natalie, let me know if you do try it! There's something satisfying from the tangyness, especially when I'm craving salt and vinegar chips! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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