Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Don't be an April Fool!

Goodbye March!

Not being an April Fool...That is my goal for the new month! To keep making the wiser, better and maybe even tougher choices daily so that I don't mess up and end up being an April Fool. 

I am very happy with how my journey is going. I am doing pretty well, I have stuck at this longer than I ever have to any 'diet' throughout my life. I believe to things are key: 
1. I dont consider it a diet. I don't have an end date or end goal weight. I have deemed this a necessary life change. I am doing it because I owe it to myself and my health. The looks benefit are an added bonus but not my driving force. I am happy with my food template and truly think I could eat this way for the rest of my life. 
2. I am doing it for myself. Not because I want to make someone happy or because someone is pressuring me to. This is how my 'diets' had always been, pushed by someone elses wishes and/or pressure on me. 

As part of my employers incentives to get healthy, we have access to a health station. I find it hilarious that they decided to locate it right outside the main cafeteria doors. Maybe the point of it was youd see it and maybe consider better choices going in? who knows!

 I have been tracking my progress there twice a month. Sometimes weekly, it just depends on how busy my days get. The Health Station measures your weight, BMI, Body Fat and Blood Pressure. I enjoy making the walk to it whenever I can. Its one mile from my spot to there and back. It is so nice to see the logbook and continue to see the downward trend. On everything. Slow but steady. 

I wish it were faster, but I keep telling myself it is ok to go slow. At this point, I think only extra exercise could push it faster, I have cut my calories as much as I can. It took me my whole life to get as big as I did. Why should I expect it to all come off in a short period of time? There is a lot to lose.

 I keep reminding myself that although fast sounds nice it may not necessarily mean off forever. I want the weight off forever. I want to have energy and be active and healthy as long as I can. I have to get it through my thick head that as long as I continue being honest with myself, following my path and being proactive to learn and tweak. I will succeed. So what if the darn scale does not move fast. It is not a race. 

Last weekend,I had a great 30% off coupon at the store and decided to go look for a black cardigan. I have discovered I have a whole 'new' wardrobe now that all my clothes fit. Some of them fit loosely. I have had to hem some of my slacks because as they get bigger they get longer. That is a great problem to have. Anyway, I was so happy to see that the 1x is starting to be a tad big for me. I have most of my clothes from this brand so its great seeing how the 3xs are now out of my closet. I think I may have a few XL tops in a bag somewhere. Hopefully soon, I will be trying those on. Looks are not my driving force but hey I am a girl, I like pretty clothes! 

Let me wrap up this post by challenging myself this month. I have been so bad about posting because life gets in the way. But whenever I do write, I am reminded of how therapeutic and enjoyable it is for me. It was the whole reason I even started this. To have a place to write out my thoughts, ideas, worries. So for April, I will make it a priority to write more often. I can't say I will write daily but I will definitely will be writing more often than I have been. Do you have any special goals this upcoming month?


  1. Sounds like everything is headed in a great direction, including (and most importantly) your mindset! :)

    First off (or secondly)...CONGRATS on the lower sized clothes. Usually one of THE best NSV's! :)

    And as far as the speed of the process to a lower weight, remember the fable of The Tortoise and The Hare. ;)

    1. Thanks Gwen! I have to get better at being patient lol

  2. My goal is to post a comment every time you post in April :)

    You seem so in control of your situation. Your blog reads like someone who knows exactly what it is they want and is just slowly making it happen. I'm sure you have your struggles like the rest of us, but it definitely seems like you've got it figured out. It's inspiring to follow you! Keep it up!

    1. Your comment made my day! I struggle like everyone but I think the mental switch finally is happening and that helps me through. Thanks for reading!

  3. Can you believe that we will be saying goodbye March and hello April .......where have the past few months gone?

    Good Luck With Your Goals

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan! It is crazy how fast this year is flying!

  4. You definitely have it figured out! This is for life ... The changes that you are making are sustainable and smart! Proud of you!


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