Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Avocado Fiesta and Some Rambling

How many of us can  relate to the picture above?  It seems that no matter what different picking technique I try, I always end up with them all ripening at the same time.

I know I'm having and will continue to have an avocado fiesta all week. I went a little crazy buying veggies this weekend and when I saw avocados for 50 cents I really lost it haha! However I did not anticipate all of them being ready to eat at the same time.

Now I'm only half complaining because I do love me some avocado. Whether it is on its own with a few grains of salt, chopped up in a salad or mashed with some hard boiled egg.... The possibilities are endless. I have even seen people sautée and even roast it, but I can't come to grips with the idea of warm avocado lol. Do you have a favorite avocado recipe? If you do, don't hesitate to share it below!

This has been a good but busy week. I am excited to see my energy and stamina hold up during the day. I am also enjoying my new found confidence when it comes to addressing a group or standing by my position on something. Heck, something as shallow as not worrying about having clothes that fit or buttons popping when I sit makes a huge difference. If anything holding my pants up is becoming the new struggle haha.

 I mentioned on Gwen's blog that I can tell a difference on the way eating good protein, nuts and veggies help my body stay fueled during the day. When some have to reach for the candy and chips around 4, I can either reach for a handful of nuts or find that I'm good and don't need anything. I'm usually like the semi energizer bunny until I get in my car for my commute home. That's when I feel the tiredness. But that's gotta be normal right?

I have been working extra which is great however it's messing up with my sleep cycle. You would think that being tired at the end of the day would help you sleep better. For me, the more tired I am the harder time I have falling/staying asleep. Even a warm shower or sipping some decaf tea has not helped lately. I'll have to figure something soon.

Hope your week is going good where you are. Our cold and ice left but the rain took over immediately! After some warm sun on Sunday we have yet to see some shine. However we have tons of rain to share if anyone would want some ;) Stay on path! Until next time!!


  1. I agree...avocados have gotten much, much harder to get good ones. The window of opportunity is really low, and even then half of them have bad spots in them. Makes it hard, but I keep trying. :)

    1. Im on a streak of picking good looking ones that are yuck on the inside :(

  2. Oh I love chopped avocado on my scrambled eggs ... in my salad ... on my steak ... under a bridge ... I love avocados! I usually separate what I buy some go on the counter and some in the fridge ... and yes they usually are ripe at the same time regardless LOL

    1. my mom tells me to put in the fridge once they're ripe and that should keep them going for a few more days with no issues. However, that never works out for me lol

  3. Avocado's are just so good to eat ........

    All the best Jan

  4. Replies
    1. Cracks me up every time! Thanks for reading Roz!


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