Sunday, March 15, 2015

Is 43 minutes worth it?

43 minutes. That's how long it took me tonight to get my meal prep done for the week. 43 minutes, from the moment I started until I started the dishwasher and cleaned up. It is so worth it!

 Those minutes invested in fixing my lunches give me the peace of mind as well as the consistency I need to keep mysef on track. I know we are all busy and there are hectic days when grabbing something premade or stopping at a restaurant seems like an easy choice. 

My workplace has two cafeterias, 2 little markets and a food court. Within walking distance there's a huge array of fast food and sit down restaurants. Heck, on Wednesdays we even have a food truck park right outside!

I have mentioned several times before that eating out ( regardless of what it is) triggers my overeating and/or binges so I have to  protect myself from it by having a good plan to tackle meal time. So today, after getting myself together I decided to do my weekly prep.

I started off by trying to make mashed cauliflower. Unfortunately I couldn't find my food processor so I ended up making what I'm naming cauliflower rice.  Real easy just used a masher on steamed cauliflower, added a tablespoon of butter and 1/4c of grated cheese. Divided it out to one cup servings and voila!!
While I was steaming my cauliflower, I was Also cooking some hard boiled eggs and a couple of chicken portions. Those will be my proteins for the week. I usually pair them with a quick salad using some spring mix and grape tomatoes. 

My snacks for the week will be mini cukes and tomatoes. I totally messed up and forgot to buy my beloved radishes!

Once all is cooked and prepped I divy it out into containers for easy grab and go during the week. I also make my lemon juice/olive oil dressing in my tiny container and refill each day. I have some cute halos I might add to my lunch bag for dessert :)
Once I'm all done, I fill my fridge shelves with the containers in order so that every day I know to grab the ones in the front. Quick cleanup and loading of the dishwasher and lunch is all done. Hooray!!!

Hope Yall had a great Sunday.How are you prepping for the upcoming week? Take care, until next time!!


  1. Great job! I can't wait to have a kitchen again. LOL

  2. LOL ... You should see the pictures from my food prepping adventure yesterday ... maybe just maybe I will post them ... not as appetizing as your food prep pictures! LOL

  3. Looking very healthy! You are so good at food prepping for success.

  4. Yes 43 minutes is so worth it.

    Good for you

    All the best Jan


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