Saturday, March 21, 2015

No News Is Good News and A Few Other Things

No news is good news. That is what my mom always said. Good news never travel as fast as bad news do. So I guess what I am trying to say is that luckily, no news (or posts) from me in a few days means no news. That is good news. Life continues to be extremely kind to me.

When I compare how my life was a year ago, it is insane to consider. The amount of stress and unknown that surrounded me was a constant stressor. The more stressed I got, the tighter my clothes got. The financial issues I was dealing gave me an excuse ( in my mind) to eat cheap processed crap and lots of it under the idea that it was at least super cheap. That way of thinking ( or not thinking?), paired with a sedentary life and constant binging was leading me to a path of self destruction. I used the crappy situation I was in as a perfect excuse to continue making the bad choices I had started years and years ago. I cannot say that last year triggered my food issues. It would not be fair considering my issues have existed most of my life. However, I have tended to see how sometimes we take one situation and blame EVERYTHING on it. Bad times should be lessons not excuses. Must always think and remember that. I am glad that I have stopped going down that path. I must always remember it so that I never head that way-I am so happy things are so different now.

I have continued on path with my eating but I have really not done much with increasing my water intake. I also need to get better at drinking less coffee and/or coke zero. I know why I need to do it, I just don't. On the days I cut down on the coke zero, I find myself reaching for that 5th cup of joe. Strong and with no sugar or cream is how I take it. However, I know its too much! It has to be! I do drink water and hot tea. I just need more of the water less of the rest. Will work on it this upcoming week.

 Remember when I got hooked on the stupid rice cakes? I had switched my bread/rolls/biscuits/bagels for plain rice cakes. I would wager my calories to include more of them until I realized that I had changed one bad habit for another. I stopped that cold when I realized it, and it was "easy" because it was around the time that I decided to tweak my food template to fall somewhere in between the paleo/primal/low carb ish templates and attempt at no sugar and no grains. Foodwise, I think there is always room  to improve but I feel like it is one of my strongest areas for now. By the way, I think cauliflower is becoming one of my top 3 had I completely ignored it all this time??

I am working this weekend again which sucks a little bit because its supposed to be gorgeous outside. I have made a huge gardening shopping list for my roomie because I  cannot wait to start my garden. I have been doing some prep work and plan to finish it after work this weekend. This year I am going big and trying to grow lots of goodies. However, the weather man keeps saying that the last frost hasn't arrived yet. We will see. So far I am planning on summer squash, zucchini, multicolored bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, lettuce and lots of herbs. SO EXCITED! I cannot wait to share some pictures with y'all. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Until next time, Stay Strong!


  1. No news is good news ...... yes that is often said. But your post was full of good things, thanks.

    I like your vegetable growing plans.

    All the best Jan

  2. Sounds like you really have found your zone Alati. Good for you, keep it up!

  3. Great job, my friend. Enjoy the weather and the garden! :)


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