Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi Day and the Last Few Days

Happy Pi Day everyone!!! There will be no commemorative pie to share but here's a little funny for ya :)
The last few days have been good overall. I am on plan and continuing to get my steps in. However, I feel like I am getting in a rut. Not in a bad way, it just seems like I am not as overwhelmed by my plan and ideas as much, it does not feel as hard ( at least not 100% of the time). It could be that the road to where I want to be is so long that the 'excitement phase' starts to fade as the changes are no longer a new thing but become routine in your daily life. I dont think twice about measuring and weighing my food, I have my meal prep down and I dont eat out more than maybe once or twice every couple of weeks at the most.

It is funny, even at work people no longer ask stupid questions. Some will even correct themselves by saying Oh yeah you don't eat this or that. The food pushing has definitely down by at least 80% which is huge and I really appreciate! I am still seeing results going the right away, more so when it comes to 'volume' than on the scale. The scale moves, but slowly. The pants move down a little faster than the scale. By the way the horrible chin/face breakouts have almost disappeared as well! Those were driving me nuts right before I started this journey. It had been worse than when I was a teenager! Another thing that has changed is my hair falling out. I think it was due in part to my horrible diet...lots of calories no real good nutrition.

 All in all, some good things happening for me for sure! I want to be able to lose as much as I can on the scale in case I need some major surgery by the end of the summer/early fall. I just have to keep pushing to make that happen. Hows your weekend going? Stay strong, Until next time!!

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  1. I'm so happy for you, Alati! It's great all the positive changes...and every one you mention is a HUGE positive!!!

    and I hope you don't need major surgery. I'll be praying for you.


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