Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Importance of NSVs

When I first started discovering the weight loss/fitness blog world, I would ocasionally see the letters NSV used. As a newbie, I had no clue what it stood for but figured it was something good based on context. Someone finally used the actual words in a comment I read and I was enlightened! 

 I used to think, mistakenly, that a non scale victory (NSV)was reserved for those who were far in their journey or close to achieving their goals. I also thought that it always had to do with a number, but not on the scale. For example 
measurements, since we get excited about smaller clothes or comfier shoes. And while I believe that smaller clothes rock and there is such a pleasure that comes from getting rid of your biggest clothes, there are some many other changes to celebrate! 

 We all know that any weight loss journey ( maybe even maintenance?) has many up and downs ( not just on the scale either!). There are days when I feel like I've got this, that I am unshakeable and that I will accomplish it all. Then there are other days when I am not as confident, not as tough or maybe not as emotionally strong. Like anything else, it is a learning process.

 I am a big believer that a good positive mind and a change in perception can make the hard days less hard. I am also a big believer of hard work and choices, rather on the "good/back luck victim" mentality. I try to enjoy those up days and learn to enjoy the bad ones too. If its a bad day, maybe instead of focusing on the bad you can find joy in discovering whatever good there is. Reframing and refocusing are great tools to keep handy during those times. I also am a huge believer of being honest with yourself. If a bad day is brought on by a bad choice, accept it, learn and move on. Lets not spend energy making excuses and justifying a bad choice. A bad choice is a bad choice is a bad choice. Yes?

 I think that sometimes we can spend so much time and energy focusing on what we are not doing or accomplishing and forget to pat our backs and celebrate the accomplishments. This is where NSVs come in. There are so many types of them. Something as simple as not feeling like youre going to pass out when you tie your shoes, being able to give yourself a pedicure or as "complex" as being able to go up "insert number" of stairs without keeling over or doing something at the gym you could not do before. One of my favorites so far, is being able to wrap a towel around me! 

 Another kind of NSVs that I find very important, are those where you are able to navigate through a situation or a previous obstacle successfully. When you used to have a stressful situation you would always binge and you have not done that this time. You used to have 3 pieces of cake during a birthday party and now you happily decide to have one or none. Heck, even making yourself work out on a day you dont feel like it should count as a victory! The more NSVs you have, the stronger and confident you feel. The best choices you will continue to make, day in and day out.  

Take this from someone who weighs almost daily. The scale is a necessary tool for me because of the way im'wired'. But your weight loss and/or maintenance journey is so much more than the numbers on the scale. Every change in your body, health and quality of life is worth celebrating...You've worked hard for it and YOU DESERVE IT! Until next time!


  1. " Every change in your body, health and quality of life is worth celebrating..."

    I couldn't agree more with your words here ....... so I quoted them again !

    All the best Jan

  2. It's amazing how we tend to ignore all the great improvements but won't hesitate to collapse at the slightest hint of a failure.

    1. It's a learning curve when it comes to that. Gotta work at being kinder with ourselves!

  3. Great reminder! Its easy to step on that scale and let it over shadow all the NON SCALE VICTORIES ... this is a great reminder to catalog them as well as the scale readings!

    1. Exactly! I step on that scale almost daily but I try to keep in mind that victories are not completely dependent on the number on that scale!


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