Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Eat the Rainbow/Taste the Rainbow

The phrases  'Eat the rainbow' or 'Taste the rainbow' used to have a very different meaning to me. As as part of their many target audiences for candy ads (young obese female) I always associated it with eating me a bag full of skittles. Although my worse trigger has never been candy, I have eaten way more than my fair share of calories in sugar throughout the years.

Nowadays, when I hear these phrases I am lucky to find mysef thinking about all the beautiful and delicious things nature has to offer us. No artificial food coloring no sugar just good old fashion fruits and veggies. 


Not only are fruit and veggies good for you, but they also are eye pleasing and quite diverse. The nutrients,minerals and vitamins may vary depending on your choices but  I think most of us can agree that making them a part of our daily consumption can play a big part on your weight loss/fitness journeys.

Now, I am nowhere near a vegetarian. I salute those who are but I have no intentions to be one.I love my meat. I have found that the more open I become to real food, the more I have come to appreciate what produce has to offer. I used to eat veggies as a side before I started changing the way I eat, however they would often be drenched in butter or covered in cheese. I was finding  ways to 'hide' them as they were the smallest part of my meal. Overlooked and sauced was the preference. 

Boy, how things have changed!! I have found that veggies allow me to eat 'more' for cheap calorie cost. That way I get more bang for my calorie buck. I am all about that! I also enjoy trying to figure out different combinations of those I tend to eat the most. Of course, I also love to see how pretty your plate looks. Shallow, I know! Here's my lunch as an example:

Chopped cherry tomatoes, radishes and cilantro with fresh squeezed lemon juice, half an ounce each of almonds and feta, and a hard boiled egg. Delicious!

I truly enjoyed my day off today. I got my spring cleaning about 70%done which is huge! I was on a roll and full of energy and was shocked at how much I got accomplished. I got our junk room all straightened out, moved some furniture around, got several giveaway bags together, caught up with all the baskets of laundry and cleaned the house top to bottom. My arms are sore!

Tomorrow should be interesting driving into work. We are expecting freezing rain/sleet and some deep freeze temperatures. Hopefully no icy roads. We will see, it can change in the next 10 minutes around here! BTW, temperature today was 77  and it has already dropped 10 degrees in the past hour or so and expected to go into the  mid 20s by tomorrow. Crazy Alabama weather!!! Hope tall are having a good week. Until next time!!



  1. I'm not so sure about the benefit of daily fruit, but we can agree to disagree on that. LOL

    1. Sounds good to me lol I lean more towards veggies than fruit but you know what I meant!

  2. Love love love fruit. Natural and healthy. And yes, fruits and veggies look colorful!

    1. I love fruit too but I am not as free with it as with veggies die to sugar content. They are pretty!

  3. Eat whole fresh real foods ......... stay away from anything processed.

    All the best Jan

  4. Hi
    I love those bright cheery pics- yesterday I was in Whole Foods, I only get there about once a year and I love their displays, so colourful it makes you want to buy it all. Sadly I couldn't buy much as I had to carry it on my train home. I try to keep to one piece of fruit daily but also try and vary the veg.
    Also, I started reading the calorie myth- makes sense so far, Sue

  5. You take the best food pictures ... I took a picture of last nights dinner at the restaurant ... I wanted to post the picture with can you believe this is dieting ... but damn it looked like diet food in the picture ... it was so pretty on the plate!

    I still eat fruit ... probably more than I should ... But hey its whole... its fresh ... and its REAL... Great post!


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