Monday, January 19, 2015


Hey everyone! I missed posting yesterday since I was so whipped at the end of my day. My ankle fixed itself up which was very convenient considering I ended working two extra hours. It was just too busy! Because of my commitment to staying away from elevators, I lost count on how many times I went up this particular staircase. Isn't it beautiful?


Of course, I also walked all over the campus. My employer has a couple of health and wellness programs. One of those programs uses pedometers to track your movement and allows you to earn health cash to spend on gift cards and other fun stuff. The more you move, the more you earn. Talk about extra motivation!

 I was automatically enrolled after my biometric screening and have been wearing that pedometer since I got it. It's fun to compare how the provided pedometer count compares to my jawbone step data. So far, they are always about 50-100 steps off, which isn't too bad. My grand total walking distance  by the time I got home, according to my two devices,was 6.2 miles! I was whipped. I came home, had some dinner, washed the day away and slept  like a rock until this morning.

I did a switcheroo this week,so today is actually my Saturday! It was perfect timing! I have a ton of errands to run so it's bound to be a productive day. I am looking forward to relaxing and having some down time tomorrow. Hope yall had a great weekend!


  1. holy heck, that's quite the stairway, and quite a bit of miles walked AT work! I don't blame you for being whipped!

  2. Now that is an awesome ... INTIMIDATING ... Stairway! Now have you counted how many steps it is? I have this insane habit of counting stairs as I go up ...

    1. I used to count every step i took ! Its taken me years to stop lol

  3. Replies
    1. It is ! We are lucky to have such a beautiful structure!

  4. Replies
    1. It really is, my camera does not do it enough justice!


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