Saturday, January 17, 2015

Short but Sweet


   This one will be short and sweet. Good news is that I torched my step goal once again and stayed pretty active even though work was a bit nuts. Bad news is, I slipped on the steps going up to the deck and my ankle has been swollen since. I am icing it and have no doubt it will be better tomorrow.

    My food budget was spent wisely once again and I got a ton of homemade "crockpot rotisserie chicken" from a friend. So I'll be on chicken overload this week! HERE'S MY LUNCHBOX OF THE NEXT DAY:


I have a salad plus some of that chicken. I am planning on eating 4oz of it. I also gave some raw veggies for a snack. Enjoy the rest of your weekend y'all! Until next time!


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  1. So sorry about your ankle. I hope you are right and that it's better tomorrow! :)


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