Saturday, January 10, 2015

Two Lunches and A Pintertest

Since I have an extra lunch that I didn't share the day I crashed before writing you get two lovely lunchbox pics tonight! Here is my LUNCHBOX OF TODAY:
      There's spinach and half ounce of feta . Half an ounce of nuts, radishes and half an avocado. Btw, that avocado saver I got in my Christmas stocking is the best thing ever. My half avocado was fine when I ate it 18 hours after I ate the first half! Now moving on!
      Y'all know by now that I'm a huge fan of Pinterest. If I am not careful, it can be this black hole that sucks me in for hours at a time? However, occasionally it can come pretty handy when looking for idea about anything you could imagine. I'm partial to the food boards and it was a crucial moment when I got rid if my old recipe boards full of crap and have tried to transition into more plan healthy recipes.

      The other day, I came across this gem, I think originally posted here. It is collard green wraps. Using the collard leaves as the wrap, they filled it with veggies and used a bit of hummus to keep it all together. I know chickpeas can be controversial, but hummus is one of the occasional indulgences I allow myself, never more than a serving and not that often.

        So here's a visual of the process, sorry not the best pics/lighting:


 Because I gave up all wraps and breads but miss the idea of "wrapping" things, this works extremely well. I am thinking some mashed avocado might be a good substitute for the hummus. I will have to try that for Monday's lunch. I will prep my little container of lemon juice in case I need to dip them in some tangyness.

This all brings us to the LUNCHBOX OF THE NEXT DAY:

     I have a couple of collard wraps made with some raw veggies and a teaspoon of hummus. Then announced sunflower and almonds mixed, a cheese stick and a cup of grapefruit. I'm excited about this lunch!

I hope your weekend is going great, tomorrow is my Thursday and I cannot wait for my Friday ;). Until next time'!


  1. Replies
    1. I must admit they are pretty tasty!

  2. Wow ... never thought to use collard greens to wrap ... I love pinterest ... and yea I had to finally delete a tone of pins that just did not go with the new me ... I am going to have to try the collard wrap idea ... Thanks!!! Looks yummy!

    1. Me neither but pinterest is a magical place haha I hear you about the bad pins, I have quite a few board of fatty starchy grainy stuff!


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