Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 6: Why should Working out should be on your to do list during the Holidays?

     There is no doubt that working out is an important part of my journey at all times. It stands to reason that this does not change during the Holidays. Unfortunately, it is the one thing I struggle the most with because of my natural tendency to avoid it. I wrote about it here. I can always come up with a reason not to work out even though once I do it, I love the way I feel. Therefore one of my own challenges to myself during the Holiday is to continue to get 3-4 workouts in every week.

     There is no doubt, a myriad of reasons why working out should be on all of our to do lists. But lets just name a few:
  • Good For your Health
  • Instant Mood Lifter
  • Increased Energy
  • Helps drop off the pounds
  • If you are on WW, you get some extra points to your day ( correct me if I am wrong)
  • Anger Management ( if you are upset or frustrated, you will feel better if you work it out)
     Because of these and the many more benefits of exercise, this is definitely one things we must put and keep on our to do list. Slacking off on exercise can reduce our progress or slow it down. Whereas many people put exercise on their to do list come New Year, I am keeping it on mine no matter what.

    Nowadays, there is always a way to get a workout in. Whether you have exercise equipment at home, a 24/7 gym membership, a DVD or even an internet to access a workout there really is no excuse. If you are traveling, go take a walk. If you cannot walk outside, walk around the mall a few laps while doing your shopping. The important thing is to move move move so that we can keep that scale moving. I know I will be having to remind myself of this and this post whenever I want to make my own excuses of why I can't work out during the Holidays. Until next time!

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