Sunday, November 30, 2014

Slightly out of the whack!

Hey yall! Hope every survived Thanksgiving and enjoy some lovely time with your loved ones. I have been running around since last week and cramming as much fun as I could into the whole week!

I made it through Thanksgiving  day being extremely happy with my choices and I have no regrets food wise. Thursday was actually my most active day of the week  as well. I love the Jawbone up I got as an early Christmas gift. It was the running joke all day because I kept walking up and down the driveway or around the house anytime I was inactive for 30 mins ( you can set many alarms!). I measure out my food and skipped the pie. I walked 5 miles total that day which is something I have rarely done but even more so on thanksgiving. Last year,  the most steps I took that day was probably however many from the kitchen to the couch and back. So that's a huge victory in my book! I have also been weighing myself daily to keep myself on check.

Of course it wasn't all pink roses, shimmery glitter, cotton candy and unicorns all the time for me. I  Had the overeating instinct and want quite a few times but I didn't not give in. I talked and rationalized myself out of it many times. I overcame it. I went up and down the driveway again lol It helps that everyone was extremely supportive about my food choices, encouraging as well as helpful. We had our food early so that was great. I hate having a late or heavy dinner.

With the stores opening at 6pm we headed out shortly before so we could walk right in. We don't care for standing in line, there's nothing we want or need that much. We just always shop as a tradition. It was great, we power shopped for about 6 hours and headed home. We had such luck, we didn't even have to wait to get checked out. I think there was less people out? Anyway, I was too wound up and had a hard time going to sleep.

 I've been so bad with sleep! I have averaged maybe 4.5 hour tops since last Monday. I don't like it, I can feel my body getting mad at me! Sleep is important and being an early riser (4-5 am regardless of what time I'm in bed) I never sleep in. I wish I could, but my body clock is up and going early. I can never go back to sleep,

We had made plans for more shopping early the next morning, when we power shopped for another 6 hours! It was fun but I was exhausted by the time we made it home. I even took an hour nap in the afternoon! That never happens! 
So today I'm just relaxing and trying to catch up. I have been trying to fight off a cold or something most of week. It better go away today 😉. What's going on with  you?


Thank you for reading! I always appreciate your time and your comments. Come visit again!