Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day 14: Black Friday Shopping

     Black Friday Shopping...Yay or Nay?? I am somewhere in the middle but leaning towards the yay. The first year I celebrated Thanksgiving, my friends decided that my experience would not be complete without tackling Black Friday Shopping. Boy, was it an experience!!! The crowds, the crazyness, the excitement, the deals...did I mention the crowds??  It was the start of a new tradition for me.

     Now, you will never find me lined up outside a store, fighting someone over some towels or even walking out of the stores lugging a cart full. I am not your typical Black Friday Shopper. I love a good deal and do pretty good at stretching my dollars. We love to shop and do it weekly, window shopping is one of my favorite things. Scoring a great deal is another one. Heck, this used to be my motto :

     I know better than considering it my only cardio  now, although you can rack up on steps if you really try. But since we love looking for deals and shopping, it did not take me long to realize that not all deals are deals and that sometimes you can get what you need quickly and for a better price before or after the famous Black Friday.

     Regardless, as a group we love hitting the stores and doing some shopping at those ungodly hours because you only get to do that once a year! We usually make it to the stores after the initial rush which means there's no lines, pushing or shoving. Being so short, crowds are not my friends

   . On Thanksgiving Day, after we have done the cleanup and we are watching some football, We take out the gigantic paper, go through the ads ( nothing beats paper ads, I don't care for online versions)  and map out our journey. We pick and choose based on  whether someone REALLY wants something or if that is not the case, we just pick stores we want to tackle. We usually finish up our excursion by grabbing some  early coffee and breakfast somewhere. It is a great girl's night/early morning! One we plan for every year!


  1. Hell to the NO on Black Friday. I get claustophobia in enclosed malls during the holidays. I mean clammy, dizzy, think I'm going to pass out. We are going to a hockey game on Black Friday. Starting Wed., the only times I can go to the malls, until 1/2, is after work. Period. I do take a couple of days off to do some shopping during the day, but most people (other than the grandkids) want gift cards anyhow, so it's not the shopping mall chore it used to be. Hubby went last year in the wee hours of the morning to go get a TV for the game room, asked if I wanted to come. I laughed, and said no, I'd be enjoying bed too much. NO deal is worth THAT hassle.

    1. Lol Gwen you made me chuckle! Thanks for reading!


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