Monday, November 10, 2014

Two Post in One day and a Thanksgiving writing Challenge

Not bad for my first one of these, Right?

Two posts in one day!? What?! I know, I know!! Sometimes I even shock myself!
 I was reading up on many blogs I read on a multitude of topics across the interwebs and noticed that some have been using #nablopomo. Being the curious being that I am, I had to see what this was about. NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month which apparently happens every November. It is basically one blog post for every day in November. There is no particular theme but there are many writing prompt lists floating around that bloggers can use as guides. While perusing through them, I could not really find one that I wanted to follow and if we take into account that 10 days have already gone by, I knew that this was a challenge I couldn't participate in without making it my own modified writing challenge.
Therefore, I decided to write down  throughout the day different prompts that had to do with the Holidays but also with this journey I am in. I was feeling so inspired I even attempted a graphic! It will be a sort of countdown to Thanksgiving if you will. I also hope that having this challenge, will also keep me focused on my path. I don't promise a long dragged out post or even a clever one daily but I am looking forward to making it happen. I have posted the prompts in case anyone would like to follow any or all of the prompts. If not, you can always use it to see if I ended up accomplishing the challenge myself and give me a hard time if I do not follow through! ;)
As today has to be Day 1, in order to not fail the Challenge before it begins,  lets get started! The topic for the day is Are you Ready for the Holidays? Which is your favorite one?
Whew, that is not an easy question to answer. I love the Holidays and the Holiday spirit because more often than not in brings out the best in people/ I love the excitement that surrounds it, especially if you are around children. But Holidays can also be a bit of a sad time for me.
My dad was big on Holidays, Christmas was always the best time for him. He was more into it than me or my mom. He just was a big overgrown kid when it came to Christmas.After we lost him, Holidays were never the same for me but as years have passed, I have learned to appreciate the good holiday memories we created and have learned to create and appreciate my own new ones. Holidays are no longer something I dread, like I did right after he passed. Time does heal all wounds I guess...
 So to answer the question, YES! I am ready for the holiday season excitement and even a little bit of the rush. This year, because of this journey, I plan to make my Holiday Season a different one and I am excited for that. I want to continue my weight loss journey and have food take more of a background role instead of center stage.
 As far as what my favorite Holiday is, I would have to say Thanksgiving!Christmas is always near and dear to me because of my dad  but Thanksgiving is like a Holiday that was gifted to me that I can make new happy memories with.  I grew up in a country where this is not a Holiday, so after moving here, I embraced it! I think it centers about family and gratitude and that reminds me of Holidays with family back home. I also have matured enough to understand how many blessings I have in my life and how grateful I am to live in a country that while not perfect, allows me the freedom to feel safe, voice my opinions, be secure and hopeful for the future. I also enjoy the cold weather and autumn things that were foreign to me growing up. Of course, there is also a side of the holidays that is very emotional especially is you away from family (according to Google, about 3000 miles away) or if you no longer have someone you love in your life ( like my dad) but Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on who you are, where you come from and where you are going.
So what is YOUR favorite Holiday?


  1. The one with the least amount of work. LOL. Actually, Thanksgiving as long as I don't have to host it. :)

  2. Christmas is my favorite ... the decorations ... the lights ... the bows ... the stupid little elf postings ... the greetings ... Love that goofy smile everyone gets when you say Merry Christmas! I love the Christmas Music! Drives everyone crazy but I love it! Don't like the 5-15 pounds that it has traditionally brought with it ... but this year I'm going to cancel that aspect of the holidays! I WILL NOT GO TO SEE'S CANDY ... NOT ONCE! I am not even going to drive by it! Which is going to be hard there is a See's Outlet on my way to work. I bet they are gonna miss me! I love Christmas!!! And Christmas at my house starts as soon as the dishes are washed on Thanksgiving!

    1. Oh I haven't been inside a Sees's candy since I was in California a couple of years back. Probably a good thing! I'm a sucker for elf on the shelf posts even though I have no children!


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