Friday, November 21, 2014

Day 12: If you could permanently get rid of one worry, What would it be?

     What kind of worrier are you? Are you the talk about it and show it on the inside type or are you  calm on the outside turmoil on the inside kind? I would say that most people probably thing I am a non worrier. This perception would be because I am the calm on the outside turmoil on the inside type. Unless I lose my cool ( Which takes A LOT to happen) you would think that I have  no worries no matter what is falling apart inside me.

     I was an only child and with it came many expectations. Everyone expected me to accomplish all they every wanted to and never did. I am wired to please so of course I worried about my ability to do so. Being successful and pleasing everyone was a big worry since I was a kid ( with an old soul, I'd say).Then as I grew up, I wanted to please to my friends, my family, my educators, my coworkers...and so on. One of my biggest worries has always always been risk of failure. This has made me a fairly low risk taker at times. I am more comfortable with calculated risks, if you will. I have taken some big huge risks a few times in my life, but in general, I am not a huge risk taker.

    Some of the biggest risks I have taken actually surprised me by working out. Others, didn't exactly pan out like I thought but looking back. NOW I know where necessary and taught me some very good lessons. I do not regret risks, I may regret the way I have handled failure before. Of course, being afraid to fail does not mean you will never do. Although I have accomplished a lot in my life, there are things I have failed at that have really burned me good and reshape my way of thinking.

    Let's face it, who can really say they're pretty good at dealing with failure? I don't think there is anyone out there that aims to fail, is there? To some extent, aren't we all afraid of failure? Tying it up with this blog and the journey I am on. I have to fight my inner self to stop worrying on the inside about not being successful. About not doing it "right", I have to constantly remind myself to worry less and do more.  So, if I could permanently get rid of one worry, it would be of my fear of failure. What would yours be?


  1. I'm a HUGE worry wart, but I found when I stopped 95% of the grains and sugar, it became significantly less so. Something about no grains/sugar really leveled my moods and psyche. :)

    and...not talking about my worries. prefer to let that simmer on a back burner, rather than shed light on it. It's a coping mechanism that works well for me. If I don't think about it, I don't start obsessing. ;)

    1. I understand the obsessing over something once you start thinking about it! I can get that way thanks for reading!

  2. An instructive post. People to really know who they want to reach and why or else, they'll have no way to know what they're trying to achieve. People need to hear this and have it drilled in their brains..
    For healthy living Healthy Food and Healthy Eating ,daily diet plays an important role. To get healthy and fit a proper and balanced, diet is necessary.

    1. Thanks for your comment. For sure balance seems to be key to many things!


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