Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 10: Favorite Thanksgiving Memory

     My first Thanksgiving memory is my actual first Thanksgiving ever. Nope, I am not going back 35 years ha! My very first Thanksgiving was actually five years ago when I moved over here. Growing up Thanksgiving was not a Holiday in our country. I was schooled in an American School back home, so I was aware of it  plus we got the day off because most of the faculty hailed from here. So when the first November rolled around after moving, I was both curious and excited.

      I am so blessed to have a great support system even here, 3000 thousand miles away from home. It makes family holidays be happy even though I do not have my immediate family around. I always called my mom's home "home: even though the South has become my home now. That very first Thanksgiving, I remember being taken into what I refer to as my second family's home and just being made part of every tradition and interaction as though I had always been there. As I was still trying to get used to living in a different country all on my own with no family close around, this made a huge difference in me being in a good place emotionally.

     As the day started, I was invited to participate in preparing all the fixings and learning recipes passed down by previous generations. Together we prepared a feast, watched some football ( that I did not get back then!) and prepared a shopping plan for Black Friday but more importantly, I felt loved and like I belonged.This is why, Thanksgiving has become my favorite Holiday and one that I will always be fond of even if I was ever to be in a different country again.

     This year, I have been appointed in charge of cooking the turkey! Oh my! I am sure that will make for a new memory....hopefully a good one instead of a dry, burnt or overcooked one lol So What is YOUR favorite Thanksgiving memory???

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