Sunday, February 15, 2015

Not so Sweet Consequences

Happy Valentine's Day weekend everyone! I hope all of you who celebrate had a good time. I had to work late all weekend and didn't have any special plans so I thought I couldn't get into too much trouble. Boy, was I wrong haha!

I had gotten past the valentines donuts, the endless bowls of conversation hearts as well as the mason jars full of m&m's. I was so proud of myself for getting through all of that and then I came home to this:


I am not an all desserts all day kind of person. Bread and chips are/used to be more my thing. But the chocolate chip cookie cakes were always one of favorites. The person who gifted this to us was being 'nice' by buying us the small version of it as opposed to those huge ones from the great american cookie place.
No one forced me to eat it but I did. I cut a tiny piece and weighed it. I ate exactly a one ounce piece with icing on it.
Either the sugar, the fat or both did quite the number on my tummy within a couple of hours. I felt bloated and my tummy hurt. Shortly after I was making trips back and forth to the potty! Not fun at all, I am still bloated even though I've dropped another 0.5 pounds since Friday. Talk about a never doing this again kind of thing!
It is funny how our body can reject something that a few months ago wouldn't have cause any symptoms. I am 100% sure it was caused by it since that's the only time I did anything off plan.lesson learned. 

Sorry for another entry of "what's ailing Alati's this week"... Hopefully my body will get back with the program soon! Until next time!



  1. Those cookie cakes are a HUGE weakness of mine-- I commend you for being as moderate as you were, and for recognizing the effect it had on your body!

    1. I thought I could have a treat info had that much control over portion size but my tummy didn't agree. Thanks for reading!

  2. Wow ... talk about control ... no way could I have controlled myself like you did ... I would have been back for 2nds 3rds ...until it was gone! Good Job!

    1. Well, I try to see if I will ever e able to do moderate. Seems like when my brain thinks it can my tummy says he'll no! Haha


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